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Friday's sedekah : lots of smilesss ;) - me

5pm, Malaysia time.
at pintu dapur belakang,
kakak's house, Putrajaya.

suspects: Abah, Mama & Lin.

activity: menyorok kat pintu belakang rumah, waiting for kakak, abe ammar and baby to come home. they waited still for about an hour, despite a very long 8-hours drive from Kota Bharu, not even stopping for lunch, just because they wanted to eat the Kelantan-brought laksa with their kids. :)

at about 8am, Dublin time. i tried calling Abah. to make sure they have safely arrived. but my call was rejected at the 2nd ring. "reject yan call? ouh, koyak." =,='' dad texted though, kakak was not home yet. takut the phone call might distract him from the well-planned surprise. hehe


sometimes you cant imagine parents doing this kind of things at their age. (read: indirectly cakap abah mama tua. mwahaha) not to mention this includes a very long drive from Kelate! i guess us kids doing this is quite normal. cute still, but nothing out of the ordinary. (read: our typical thing,  my legendary surprise, and abah's sweetest surprise for mama). but for them to make this kind of effort, it's priceless. 

i guess the frequent surprises we made for them, have rubbed into them. i have always told many of my friends, you cant expect your parents (or anyone for that matter) to start doing something, unless you yourself start it. some say it's very hard to say I Love You to your very serious dad. but not saying it at all won't make it any easier. some say it's totally embarrassing to hug your big brother in front of a crowd, well actually no one even cares if you hug your brother or not. and after a while, voila! you see them doing it back to you, and words can't even describe how happy you will be at that time. seriously ;)


people have different ways of expressing their love though. so not doing all these doesn't mean that you don't love them. still, im just sharing my way of expressing love towards another. i think i call everyone of my friends 'sayang'. (though some say they were feeling kind of awkward at first, sorry for that.hehe). but that's just my weird 'token' of appreciation.

so my point is, sometimes it's a good thing to show your appreciation/love towards another literally. cuz without you knowing it, you might just make their day ;)

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya;

“Manusia yang paling dikasihi Allah ialah orang yang 
memberi manfaat kepada orang lain 
dan amalan yang paling disukai oleh Allah ialah 
menggembirakan hati orang-orang Islam 
atau menghilangkan kesusahan daripadanya 
atau menunaikan keperluan hidupnya di dunia 
atau memberi makan orang yang lapar. 
Perjalananku bersama saudaraku yang muslim untuk menunaikan hajatnya, 
adalah lebih aku sukai daripada aku beriktikaf di dalam masjid ini selama sebulan, 
dan sesiapa yang menahan kemarahannya sekalipun ia mampu untuk membalasnya 
nescaya Allah akan memenuhi keredhaannya di dalam hatinya pada hari Qiamat, 
dan sesiapa yang berjalan bersama-sama saudaranya yang Islam 
untuk menunaikan hajat saudaranya itu hinggalah selesai hajatnya 
nescaya Allah akan tetapkan kakinya (ketika melalui pada hari Qiamat) 
dan sesungguhnya akhlak yang buruk akan merosakkan amalan 
seperti cuka merosakkan madu.”
Riwayat Ibnu Abi Dunya


this is just a random post on a Friday. 
i miss my family so much right now. 
as of now, all of them are in Putrajaya *again*
ah..so jealous.


yours truly,
have a blessed Friday peeps ;)

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