hey world, im not ready..just yet.

after Maghrib prayer, still in our telekung, i casually asked a simple question to Malin: "tau dop pasal isu kalimah Allah tu?". i asked because i dont know much. so while waiting for Isyak, we discussed about it, and with my white lappy in front of us, we checked out writings that might help us know and understand things. so i started clicking away:

which then have links to other blogs on this issue

and then i remembered seeing a friend mentioning this issue with other links to it.

article *read*
*which we like the most so far considering a lot of questions were answered*

while we were discussing this, a photo album caught our attention. 
and i clicked it. *see it*

then i was looking at things that i havent really bothered before.
then there were other links to it.

like this video *watch* here.
which made me laugh and at the same time saying
"this is embarrassingly s****d"

and there were more links i read: opinion 1 opinion 2 *read them*

my point is. there are SO many things happening out there. in the real world. and here i am, with these people around me, all thinking about stupid relationships, travelling here and there, reunions, taking pictures with snow, making friends and stuff.

oblivious to what is happening out there.
some MAY be oblivious.
some just couldn't care less about things not related to them.

i admit. 
world, im not ready for you just yet.
but i will try to since i need to be ready;
when the world will no longer revolves around me and my books;
when im accountable to others, and not just myself.
so i need to have my weapon ready first.
which is none other than IMAN.

cause at the end of the day,
IMAN is the main weapon to help us face the world.
in understanding things, and not just knowing things.
in making the right decision.
in taking the right actions.

so world;
i may not be ready just yet.
but i pray that ill be ready soon.

i may be a nobody; but the truth is,i dont like how the world works right now.


F said...

susah kan??kdg2 sy rs pelik,knp nikmat iman lebih disyukuri bila berada jauh dr bumi malaysia,which is sbuah ngra islam..sbb terlalu selesa kot..gud luck yan!

ecah said...

yan, chayok2!

every step counts. nnti kite same2 blaja n bina kefahaman :)

Faten said...

totally agree with u...

Faten said...

totally agree with u...

Anonymous said...

tp yan,rasanya xsalah pun utk kt travel.as long as dgn travel tu,kt dpt mnambah iman.sbb Allah pn suruh kt mngembara supaya kt dpt blajar drpd kesan pninggalan org sebelum kt.stiap y kt lakukn,bbalik kpd niat n cara kt gak akhirnya :D

izyan.ariff said...

to F: betul. malaysia ni comfort zone. kurang sikit rase nk berfikir tuh.huhu.. thanx dear. u too =P

izyan.ariff said...

to ecah: insyaAllah~ *sy maseh kura-kura* =P

izyan.ariff said...

to faten:
thank you dear~~

to anonymous:
hehe.maaf2. im not saying benda2 yg disebut tu salah. *cuz i do all of them* but wut im saying there is, kdg2 kite ni terlalu fokus kat bende2 tu je. hidup kite je. nk bina hidup sendiri. smpai langsung tanak ambik tau psal dunia luar.

n btul wut u said, ape2 kite buat in the end bgantung to niat n cara. and it's always either amalan ahli syurga, atau amalan ahli neraka. no in-between~ wallahua'lam~

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