your Day

funny too.

last night, i spent some time with kakak again.
discussing the little details of her wedding.
wedding songs.
you know, all the cute stuff.

so a few hours back,
i posted something on facebook.
saying my thanks to skype 
for existing
thus allowing me to talk to my kakak almost everyday.

it IS her wedding day.
and i just thought i need to be the one with her every step of the way.
which you have to do too when my time comes!
*kakak, ini adalah sejenis ugutan*

and just now, 
i went to her blog.
she was feeling the same thing.

funny how we can read each other's mind sometimes.

so thank You again.
for blessing me with kakak.

i love my sister.
and i definitely love You.


Secret: Part 1

19th January 2010
everything changes

semua milik Allah.
your stuff
your time
your energy

He Taught me countless time already that anything can happen
be it good or bad.
logic or not.

So all i can do now is do what i do best.
give whatever He wants to take from me
accept whatever He wants to give me
with a smile on my face
and a belief in my heart

that He Always Knows Best

i may be an insignificant creation of yours,
but i want You to know,
that i love You.
so so much.

~thank You~
i am forever grateful



it is the exam week for many. 
and i see lots of updates like:

"ya Allah, bantulah hamba-Mu"
"Al-Baqarah: 216"

well, you know what i mean. those kind of statements.
then, as the exams are starting to end, status-status facebook tadi terus berubah jadi:

"let's party!!"

that's human.
that's us. 



hey world, im not ready..just yet.

after Maghrib prayer, still in our telekung, i casually asked a simple question to Malin: "tau dop pasal isu kalimah Allah tu?". i asked because i dont know much. so while waiting for Isyak, we discussed about it, and with my white lappy in front of us, we checked out writings that might help us know and understand things. so i started clicking away:

which then have links to other blogs on this issue

and then i remembered seeing a friend mentioning this issue with other links to it.

article *read*
*which we like the most so far considering a lot of questions were answered*

while we were discussing this, a photo album caught our attention. 
and i clicked it. *see it*

then i was looking at things that i havent really bothered before.
then there were other links to it.

like this video *watch* here.
which made me laugh and at the same time saying
"this is embarrassingly s****d"

and there were more links i read: opinion 1 opinion 2 *read them*

my point is. there are SO many things happening out there. in the real world. and here i am, with these people around me, all thinking about stupid relationships, travelling here and there, reunions, taking pictures with snow, making friends and stuff.

oblivious to what is happening out there.
some MAY be oblivious.
some just couldn't care less about things not related to them.

i admit. 
world, im not ready for you just yet.
but i will try to since i need to be ready;
when the world will no longer revolves around me and my books;
when im accountable to others, and not just myself.
so i need to have my weapon ready first.
which is none other than IMAN.

cause at the end of the day,
IMAN is the main weapon to help us face the world.
in understanding things, and not just knowing things.
in making the right decision.
in taking the right actions.

so world;
i may not be ready just yet.
but i pray that ill be ready soon.

i may be a nobody; but the truth is,i dont like how the world works right now.


smoking itu merokok

*i suggest for those who smoke out there better not to read it if you're not up to it. cause im gonna be blunt about it.sekian*

i grew up with Abah and Abe
who dont smoke
who hate ciggs
and hate smokers too
being their family, of course i ended up hating ciggs and smokers too. 
*no offense for all smoker-friends out there.hehe*
*we dont actually hate the person, we just hate them WHEN they're smoking*

if i go and check-out blogs by my friends, or schoolmates and any other type of mates i have; It seems like many have opinions on things that are circulating our age group: couple, bf/gf, whatever. Dont get me wrong,im thankful. Alhamdulillah, for all the perspectives and opinions coz it really did help me in finding answers; couple a.k.a bf/gf IS haram. =)

but we seem to neglect this smoking thing that i think is circulating our age group TOO. Well, at least this is the age where most of us (yes us here means boys AND girls, cause it seems to me that girls are starting to smoke too) start smoking. i can never really imagine what kind of satisfaction do people get when they smoke. i just hate it. a person may be nice and all, but if i knew they smoke, their whole nice image just go down the drain. you know what i mean? i CAN tolerate it, but i will end up questioning it. why DO you smoke? cant you just eat chocolates, or drink a big bottle of Coke or i dont know.. go and watch ManU instead?? i just cant understand. nor can i stand it. i would always ended up coughing like hell just by walking past people who smoke. 

drugs. ciggs. to me they're just the same. 

they kill you. 
they're addictive. 
a complete waste of money. 
smells awful. *i dont know about drugs though. =P*
oh, and they kill you. *i have to mention dying twice since it kills you twice as fast*

anyways, the only difference is smoking is fairly accepted as a norm and you can do it publicly, while the other...not so much. 

*sigh* i respect abah. who managed to influence Arwah ayah *late grandad* and some uncles when he married mama, to stop smoking. i asked how he did it? He will always said, "Abah dulu prefect kat Faris *smstmfp*. maybe takut ko prefect kot." and he ended up smiling smugly. And I vividly remembered an incident ~Abah with his old friends, they were about to start smoking, and they offered Abah. Abah tolak. Balik tu abah tension with all the smell. hehe. i was very proud of having him as my dad. =)

then there's Abe. who amazes me more considering during his late-teen days, MOST boys smokes. Not Abe. i know for a fact that he never once tried it, let alone DO it. Not to mention him being in architecture, where he is constantly staying up late with his friends, doing designs and stuff *that i dont comprehend but like to watch all the miniature thingy*. And i like the fact that he always cooly trash his friends about smoking.haha~ abe is cool. and doesnt smoke. 

*sigh* im gonna pray Allah gave me a guy like abah and abe. *sempat lagi*

ok. bottom line is. dont smoke. Pleasee....*bajet berjaya merayu* it's not cool. it stinks. and i think those who smoke mosty bajet cool. i may be harsh. but i warned you earlier. im just a girl, who think smoking is plain S.T.U.P.I.D.

buat benda tak elok ni memang senang, tapi buat bende berfaedah sket punye susah. 
same with benda jahat, benda baik.
same with dosa, pahala.

we know better, we just dont act better.


ps: bukan smoking ni HARAM ke?

pps: just wanna share these 2 videos of encik merah that always cheer me up. cause i know my thoughts arent wrong.

encik merah part 1 - click here
encik merah part 2 - click here



*abah: umrah family 2009*

he was born on 3rd of January 1958, but maklumlah zaman dulu, 2 days later baru arwah Ayah daftar, so his IC states that he's born on 5th of January 1958. That's why he has 2 birthdays, which i always tease him about, but he manages to tease mama's birthDays instead. (which is a year later from the real one.haha)

Abah's name is Ariff. simple,short and cool. *Arwah Ayah had good taste.hehe* but Abah's family and close friends and even mama, called him Zul instead. Abah told us the story, of how in Pasir Mas back then, there was this famous person named Zulkifli, and Abah's uncle went running back home, wishing to name this new born baby boy Zulkifli. But he was too late. Eventhough Abah is named Ariff, he is still called Zul.

I love Abah too much. (and mama too.but since this is Abah's birthday,kite kasi chance kat abah dulu ok mama?hehe) I thank Allah everyday for blessing me with a family like mine. I have a perfect Abah, a perfect Mama, a perfect Kakak, a perfect Abe, and a perfect Baby Lin. They may not be perfect in others' eyes; but they all are in mine. Alhamdulillah.

i can never describe you in words Abah, because you are one of a kind. how i wish i could share with the whole world out there how lucky i am to have you. but i think everyone who knows me knows that you are definitely one of a kind. thank you for being a very special Abah.

well. happy birthday abah. i promise to be a better daughter for you. i will work hard to make both you and mama proud of me insyaAllah. This is the only gift i can give you. 

And right now:
i wish i can kiss your pipi and hug you like i always do.
i wish im at home, where you will always be looking for me once you're home from work.
i wish i can sing the songs i grew up with, while you play your guitar and laugh bila suara yan pcah
most of all, i wish i can hear you say "abah sayang yan"

 *kene tahan smpai June la nampaknye. or maybe i should call again tomorrow*

i love you Abah

Allahummaghfirli wali waalidayya warhamhuma kamaa rabbayaani saghiira
Ya Allah, ampunilah aku dan ampunilah kedua ibu bapaku, dan cucurilah rahmat kepada mereka sebagaimana mereka telah mencurahkan kasih sayangnya memelihara dan mendidikku semasa kecil.  
ps: doa ni da amal belum? kalau dah, alhamdulillah. kalau belum, jom amal. this is the least we could do. Pray for them. =)
*graduation Abe 2009*

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