dedicated to those yang ragu-ragu..

you just have to make decisions that might hurt others
emotionally that is..
but if your decisions are helping you AND them be in His Path
then there is no need for you to feel sorry nor guilty..

at least,
that's how I feel.

the guilt do come sometimes..
cuz it's Mr Merah's doings for all i know.
*for those who dont get it yet. Mr Merah = Mr Devil*

but most of the time
i just feel lightness in the heart
and strength too
and to me they are all blessings from Him

i leave it to You ya Allah
to Guide me in any decisions that i'll be making 
in this very very veryyy short life of mine..
boleh kan? boleh kan?

insyaAllah (",)

note to readers: this post is meant for all kinds of decisions okay. not just the one in the picture...heheh


aifaa said...

i was at that juncture at one point in my life, and surprisingly, it was u who gave me the much needed push. so here i am, assuring u that what u’re doing is the right thing…just like how u’ve assured me all those years back then.

what i want to say is, sometimes we might feel guilty or even sorry for the things we did, but u and i both know, that is all bisikan those yg sentiasa membisikkan doubts in our hearts.

serah everything pada Dia yan, sepenuh hati, really really put all ur faith in His hands…because at the end of the day, He will give you more…and u’ll soon realize, that is all you ever wanted.

i love u.

izyan.ariff said...

guess im attempting to push others who wants to be pushed..lala~

and to those who wondered why i love my kakak so much? see for yourself..hee~~

saya bukan dia said...

lalu sy jeles n nk kakak juga!!! :p

tu la guna nya kluarga. kluarga dlm ertii kt sbenar atau x.saling mengisi kekosongan dan mnguatkn di kala lemah :D

izyan.ariff said...

to awak bukan die:

haha..i guess it's a bonus for me.*wink* still, ukhwah fillah tu yg penting in the end. family or not. relationship utk support each other utk mantain and steady dlm His Path and His Love.

hehe. btw, dia tu sape? *lol*

budak said...

adik beradik comel la.... *juga cemburu. haha*

lagi betambah best bila kita terikat dgn ikatan darah+akidah ^^,

btw, about decission. any decisson. Allah akan terus tunjuk jalan, untuk org2 yg mencari. jadi jum terus cari, kita maybe xnampak ape yg tersedia di depan, tp jum bukakan hati untuk mencari dan memahami. insyaAllah, He will lead us along the way =)

izyan.ariff said...

to budak:

haha perlu ke dear?
yup2 insyaAllah. jom kite cari.

btw dear, i SERIOUSLY thought sy bukan die was you..huhu~ silap org nampaknye.haha

Rifqi Al-lil said...

cant agreed more. jzkk.

izyan.ariff said...

hope it helps with the ragu-ragu ur having.. iA

Rifqi Al-lil said...

iA indeed. and there is no need to feel sorry if we decided to take them into the path of Allah with us together kan? ;)

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