too much

haven't been thinking that deep lately to write anything in here..
too preoccupied
with lots and lots of stuff..

the endless lectures
the finals

the new house
all the moving out and moving in
fracturing my ribs here and there
due to all the heavy boxes and bags 
i have to carry back and forth..

my new room
*which i'm totally in love with*
my new theme for my 2nd year
white + green + soft blue

the endless shopping
for the new house
and the housewarming thingy..

and im still not done with the gifts
for my beloved ones back home

not to mention all the plans for the upcoming summer hols
busy busy busy.. =,='

too busy that i dont even have enough time
to call abah mama every so often like i wanted to
or skyping with kakak..

but all these things only left me physically tired
'brain-dead' a.k.a blur at times..
but nothing too big for me to handle
just give me a good long dreamless sleep
and it's enough to keep me up and going!

a very huge difference..
if compared to how i feel
when my rohaniah is tired.
not because of too much stuff done..
but because of too little..

too little of deep-thinking..
too little reflections..
too little retrospections..
too little of everything that may seem trivial in the eyes of a normal being..
but vital for those who knew and understood..

guess i am a normal typical being
who keeps forgetting the seemingly-trivial-but-very-vital matters..
so at the end of the day
all i can hope for is..
for Him to never Forget me..
nor Let me go..

~ya Rabbal A'lamin~



i just miss my baby sister
sudddenly i realized of all people that i called
i talk to her the least
if only she can read this post instead
so that she'll know how much her sister really misses her..

to lin sayang;
belaja molek-molek ok
jangan kuat sangat tengok disney channel
you'll always end up being a baby
dont grow up too fast
jangan ade facebook 
*alhamdulillah you're a good girl who listens*
be a good girl at home to abah mama ok?

kak yan (",)

*jumpe gambar lame: year 2005*

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