it's only been 5 days since i started my 4th year. and yet, it felt as if it has been forever. things are piling up one after the other. and i find myself.. suffocated. yes, maybe that's the word. i feel suffocated. not knowing what to do, where to start, how to do it. 

totally not the best way to start this year. and this other problem that i'm having is not helping either. i've tried so many things within these few days to solve it. but none works so far. and what i hate most is that, in the end, one question will pop up in my head, is this something that Allah wants me to live with? 

but Abah gave me some words of wisdom today. (and while i am at this, i'd like to thank Viber for allowing me to call my beloved for free everyday. alhamdulillah). anyway, abah said:

a problem is just a problem.
it is meant to be solved.

and when i came back. Pika elaborate this further with her dad's words of wisdom (yeah, i think we have cool dads);

one day, that problem will be a part of your history.
so just wait.
because eventually, it will be solved.
eventually you will be able to look back,
and say it was your history.

Allahu Allah.
there's a heavy feeling. i do feel sad. i do feel like crying.
yet, i just wish i won't. because i know it's not right.
and because i know that there are so many other things that Allah has protected me from;
and still is.

so to You,
i will do my best. tawakkal dan usaha, insyaAllah.
because they all happened biidznillah.
and if it's with Your Will, then, it would never be for nothing.

"if Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it."

Aamiin ya Rabb.
wa insyaAllah. :')

"With every hardship, comes ease. 
Verily, with hardship comes ease." 
[94: 5-6]
Allah's Promise;
made to never be broken. insyaAllah :')

mohon doa from anyone who reads this.
May He Ease.


Shahirah Zainol said...

be strong kak yan ^^

Shahirah Zainol said...

Dont say:
"Oh Allah, i have problems."

Instead, say:
"Oh problems, i have Allah."

Hope this would make you feel a little better.

izyan.ariff said...


Jazakillah dear.we all need ur prayers n kate2 smgt! :')

And im guessing the cute green post it on my wall is ur doing.hehe. Thank u dearest sist. :)))

ateyyyy said...

all the best ukhti :)
prayers and support from here <3

Pisey said...

(; mahu nangis.

izyan.ariff said...

@ateyy :) jazakillahukhair. all praises to Him. problem settled.
kena keep in mind: they come and go.hehe

@pisey: dah. just make sure to smile afterwards ;)

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