i am engaged

when i came here.i noticed a couple. they just got married during the summer. they're 22. then i met another girl. she just got married. she's also 22. haih~ eventhough i joked a lot about it with my friends that they are now assuming i might be the first one to be married (haha), but truthfully, i cant imagine being married at such an early age. but of course, i cant say much. jodoh ni ketentuan Allah. nak ckap taknak awal2 pon tatau pe akan jadi in the future.

then i checked the facebook. pretty much ramai jugak buat status engaged. i used to believe there is really a term of 'bertunang rahsia'. you know. girl likes boy. boy likes girl too. girl brings boy to meet family. boy brings girl too. then family meet the other family. etc. majlis takde pon, but family paham2 gitu. hm, then i guess i might have been secretely engaged once too! LOL. but i came to understand this whole relationship thing differently in the end. remain friends. let Allah do the rest. there is nothing we should worry about. boy wont lose the girl he likes. girl wont lose the boy she likes. IF and only IF, Allah planned that they should be together. coz if that's not HIS plan, whatever status you put in your facebook, and how perfect you keep your relationship 'berlandaskan agama' pun, it's nothing.

so guys and girls. focus on diri, kuatkan pegangan to HIM, focus study and family. We have a lot more to face in the future. our family? how much time do we have with them that we are too eager to add another already? so be cool. kawan dulu semua2 ni. (not as in flirting here and there ok. but be friends like friends should be. help each other out.etc..etc..) put your faith that Mr and Miss Right is always around the corner, waiting for Allah to let you meet and fall in love. =)

InsyaAllah. let us all do it the right way.

i guess i am engaged.
engaged to a life full of bliss and hopefully blessings too.
owh.and..Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~~
Maaf Zahir & Batin


pisey itu aku said...

jom la bertunang.
pahtu nikoh.

selamat hari raya dear!!


atikus_hakita said...

i like!!! =)

izyan.ariff said...

haha~ aku nk btunang btol2..
tanak btunang facebook jah~

me likey too~

amal said...

bertunang facebook??

aih..'mendalam maksudnya'..

pisey itu aku said...

mu nikoh oyat molek.


izyan.ariff said...

mendalam ke? terang lg obvious je.hehe

ye pisey..
ak oyat la..
5taun lg ke..=)

izyan.ariff said...

baru je tulis post ni.
tgk2, my dearest friend fatty rupenye bertunang pd 5 syawal.

so to her.
congratulations my dear.
i pray to Allah that you will have His Blessings sampai la kawin nti.
jgn lupe ajak ye?

ur tunang is a very3 lucky guy.
(make sure die bace nih.hehe)
sayang kamu fatty~

ps:haih...nk merasa jugakk.haha~

Faten said...

salam yan..stuju sgt2..kalau dh jodoh x kemana, so xpyh loghak gadduh nk flirt sano sini..haha..
eit, nti nk kawen jmput aku, tunang pn jmput gk..ak tringin nk tgk la lalim

pejan said...

waahhh...1st tyme dtg blog nie..
how sweet!!!...

izyan.ariff said...

thanx pejan =)
silelah dtg lg ye~~

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