dreaming: a game of mind?

having them a lot lately.

some people say that they're some sort of a sign on
what will happen to you or what you should do in the future; especially if you were dreaming in the night. as in 12am onwards. but if it's after subuh, then it's plainly the devil's game. you know, giving you horrible nightmares etc.

i dont know why, maybe it's because im still paranoid about these two haram 'items' : piggy and doggy; i dreamt about them. some say it's not a good thing to tell your dreams / nightmares to others cause they may come true. but i dont quite consider these dreams of mine as nightmares. nevertheless. they're quite weird.

the first dream: was about mr piggy. well, that was during ramadhan. so i WAS a bit doubtful to say that the devils had intercepted my dreams. (haha) but in that dream, i was with my friends, and one of them (i dont remember who) was dragging a pink piglet. as in, there's a rope around the neck. ala2 cam bwk doggy kot. (i think this is the first time i dreamed of such creature.it's definitely disturbing people!) none of us touch it. but in that dream, i was asking everybody "tak kene samak ke ni?". because that piggy kept on, how do i say this, you know when dogs are wet, they will shake off the water from their body? yup, that's exactly what the piggy was doing, spraying droplets of water on us. then, i woke up. the first thing on my mind was, i definitely have to check back the food that we were eating. huhu~ it's quite a time-consuming process (at the early stages), because you have to constantly check the ingredients of the food that you're buying. nauzubillah, cuz the seniors told me sometimes even they missed the haram ingredient and continued purchasing them. huhu~nauzubillah~~

*selalu kene check. cuz selalu ade..isk2*

and then last night, i dreamt about mr doggy. this time, it was a small cute fluffy dog, falling on me!!! (how? it was on the hood of a car, and i was beside the car, and it fell off the hood onto me.huhu) and definitely, in this dream, saya samak. a young ustazah came and helped wash me up. it was a very educating dream, mind you. (huhu) but a freaky one!

*thankfully in ireland, they mostly have small puppies*

anyways, i dont know if these dreams are just plain weird dreams, or somehow some sort of a reminder. whatever it is, i have to be careful of piggy and doggy here. cuz they are EVERYWHERE. so to dearest friends, be careful especially with your clothing yang nk gune untuk sembahyang. (tips of your jeans etc) kita mungkin tak sedar, bahawa pakaian tu sudah kotor untuk solat. rajin2 kanlah diri untuk tukar pakaian for solat k? di mane2 pon kita berada.wallahua'lam~


d4uh said...

comel gak pggil piggy..haha..tp sampai termimpi mimpi ni...hee..jga makan minum kat sana ye...kat sini buleh makan nasi paku lg...keh3

amal said...

bab anjing tu kena jaga2 sikit..kerna ianya binatang yg berbahaya dan boleh menggigit sesuka hati..

saye.. said...

hahahahahah. saye b'setuju dgn pndangan saudara d atas ttg doggie itu. kite mstilah sehabes mungkin MELARIKAN DIRI drpdnye, supaya kite x terpaksa melakukan byk keje d kemudian hari. tp naseb baek jugak doggies (plural ye =P) di cni semacam trained kn? cpt je die lari dr kite kalo die share pathway tu dgn manusia laen =)

izyan.ariff said...

to firdaus: tu je name plg sopan.mite as well use it.haha~ isk.tape la.. mkn la puas2..nti awk nk kene mkn mskn sdiri yg xbest je kat soton tu..=P

amal: ye amal.tmbhn pula lelaki2 skrg bukn nk protect kwn2 dr doggies, tp lari same2..haih~

to saye..: yup2. semoge 5taun di ireland kite xkan jumpe stray dogs.insyaAllah~

d4uh said...

saya masak bes....nk gna berahim nnt..haha..nk try dtg la...kah3

izyan.ariff said...

isk.setakat berahim xsanggup btandang jauh ke soton~hehe.

tp..bwklah berahim tu.ia sgt membantu. utk org2 xpndai msk la kn~ haha

saye.. said...


(er...bout dat 'berahim' part <--kot2 korang kompius aku stuju ngan ape.hahahah)

aifaa said...

discussed ur story w cousins. pun ade yg experienced a similar one: went to a friend's [non-muslim] place for dinner, and had chicken. despite ragu2 ttg cara penyembelihan die makan juge and so had v disturbing dreams later on.

*watch what u eat ok dear.*


izyan.ariff said...

huhu~ ok kakak. i will~


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