nice sight

tarikh lawa lagi. terlepas nak kahwin lagi. *lol* going to bed early tonight. had a very long tiring day. so tired by now, since im back home so late. have lots of things on my mind that i feel like sharing in here. but it seems like im very much racing time. need to catch up with a lot of things. funny how i seem to have a lot of free time last year. but i think that was only because of my lack of understanding on stuff instead.

anyways, keluar rumah at 7.15am today. and dont know why, Dublin seems to be freakishly cold nowadays. we're not easily fooled by the beautiful sunny sunrise anymore. *sob2* at night can reach down to 2 degrees. serious sejuk. and then there was the midterm test early morning today. on neuro. sesusah yang disangka. no surprise there. then straight classes till 6. alhamdulillah, im trying to appreciate a new meaning behind the word mencari ilmu. will be shared soon insyaAllah.

then my tummy decided to have it's usual monthly gastric. the excruciating pain somehow led me to think, "aiyoo. dosa apakah yang telah ku buat ni?" 

ok. im just blabbing. dont have much to share actually. the only thing that got me excited to write in here is a 5 minute walk that i had. from 7.30am till 6.30pm i stayed in college. at 6.35pm, finally went out of the health science building, to meet up with pika (who had 2 exams today. you go girl!). and despite the very cold breeze that left me menggigil seorang diri~ i was greeted with a very beautiful sight. the moon.

then the best part is 2 minutes later. the right song was playing in my headphones, and i was walking by the lake, along a nice path under the trees, with the darkened sky, and the sound of water gushing from the UCD lake. and the moon was the highlight of it all. subhanallah.

despite being tired, cold, hectic, test susah and all; i was greeted with Allah's creations instead.

which also leads me to think that:

no matter how bad a day we had, 
if we have Allah by our side, 
everything still fall into place.



bie said...

LAAAAAAWAAANYE! I envy u. Sini u get to see indons and cars after cars yg lagi laju time zebra crossing. ergh. stress.

cik puan sri ardele said...

xpe 11.11.11 ade lg..xpun 12.12.12 thehehehehe~~~ =))

bambino said...



izyan.ariff said...

@bambino: shin is this you?

bambino said...

tak tawu. tak tawu. sape tuh?

izyan.ariff said...

budak kurus tinggi tak mandi.

takyah kenal.


bambino said...

chaitt.... mane ade!

izyan.ariff said...

proven. *smug face*

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