We Can, but We Choose Not To

وَهَدَيۡنَـٰهُ ٱلنَّجۡدَيۡنِ

"Dan Kami telah menunjukkan kepadanya dua jalan
(jalan kebajikan dan jalan kejahatan)."


first off, i'd like to apologize beforehand, for this post i'm making yang akan berbaur judgmental. manusia. tipu siapa yang kata mereka tidak judgmental. because everyday, you have to judge what to do and what not to do. judgmental of the actions made (by you and others), but not judgemental of the individuals.

for example; someone raised his/her voice in front of his parents.
the right judgments made: tidak elok. a sinful act. (tegur terus, or doakan dia)
the wrong judgments: orang ni memang tak boleh pakai, kurang hajor @#$%^%&^*

so back to my post.

i find myself redirected to a malaysian blogger, younger than me, via an article about our Deen. it was a good reminder. so i continued looking around. only to find posts about fashion and styles, what she ate that day, how shopping is a good way to release stress, so on and so forth. 

followers: 40,000
comments for each post, berpuluh-puluh.
liked by many.

one particular post that i regretfully read, was about her showing the differences between her face, with and without make-up. the point she's trying to make? wallahua'lam. the comments by readers? abundant. ranging from "cantik je" to...er, "cantik sangat."

anyways, what amazes me most is of course the amount of followers it has. it made me realize how large the blogging community is (Malaysian teens specifically speaking.) and yet, these kinds of blogs are what attracts them the most. discussing superficial things, of nothing that will leave that strong deep impact in your heart.

if followers are what we are looking for, then i guess we all know what we should be babbling about in our blogs. for me, i know there's a whole bunch of stuff i can talk about in here;

like my collections of dresses and selendang, (cause it seems like the 'IT' thing nowadays);
from Zara, to H&M, to TopShop to Pashminas bought in Morocco etc


or my how-to to a healthy lifestyle;
from doing weights to eating dates to psychogenic water drinking.


or of the places that i have been to;
Morocco Paris London Barcelona Andalucia Scotland bla bla.

or of the daily beauty regimens;
from facial wash, shampoo, uses of olive oil and all the good stuff.

my point here is that, truthfully, i and so many out there, are just normal girls too. we all lead a similar life of many those out there. thinking of clothes to wear, loving all the pretty stuff, wanting to eat properly so not to be chubby etc. we all have the options of telling these all through our blogs, but we just don't. why? because for me, everytime i wanted to write in here, there is this simple question;

which one weighs more for my Akhirat account?
that long post about my prettiest collection of dresses and skirts;
or a single post reflecting about a hadith or a verse in the Quran?

we all know the answer to that, insyaAllah.

but of course, i too am having problems about this. (kalau tak takde la post ntah pape before this =,=''). but it's okay, because that is an ujian that Allah has prepared for every single moment that we have in our lives. of choosing between two things. some things are obvious, when it comes to choosing between Bad and Good. but the hardest ones are always choosing between the Good, Better, and the Best. and sadly enough we rarely choose the Best, because it will always be the hardest thing to do. 

as of blogging, of course it's a great feeling to have people following your blog and positive comments about it. it's always a confidence booster. but in the end, the vital question is always this, are we pleasing others, or pleasing Him?

blogging about beauty, fashion, gossips;
is always something that we can do, but we just choose not to.

sebab bila campur tolak tambah,
what benefit can we bring with us to akhirat,
when we talk about colour-matching clothes?



adilahdarmawi said...

There's one unknown said : one day our lives will flash before our eyes, so make sure its worth watching.

Inche gabbana said...

goooood one. masha-allah.

may Allah will never cease to guide us, on what is right to write, what is right to do, etc. Biidznillah..

keep on lifting the veil of ignorance thru ur writings, sistah!

May allah bless!

izyan.ariff said...

@add: konklusi sempurna. ;)

@inche gabbana:
alhamdulillah, all praise goes back to Him.heheh.

and all the best for the osemness of the osem videos.

patut nk hntr je. tp exam. (hekhek)

*yg pkai jeans* =,='

Anonymous said...

Cayalah Kak Yan (:
I'm a great fan of your blog .
But I guess blgger2 tu smua tak tahu nak post psal apa kot (:

Anonymous said...

mashaAllah ukhti, this is an awesome writing! True that.. Couldn't have put it better myself.. =))


Aneesah said...

Assalamu'alaikum Izyan,

I've read this post awhile ago tapi malam ni baru terasa macam nak komen. I quite agree with your point of view, in the sense that it is clear which sort of writing has the visibly bigger impact on readers as well as our 'pahala' scale in the akhirat (inshaAllah), and which kinds of posts seem superficial & is less beneficial (but ironically is so much more 'liked' by readers).

But I'd also like to remind myself of that saying, that no good deed is a small deed. Perhaps the writer is not as gifted at relating hadeeths and Quranic verses with aspects of life, perhaps his/her niche happens to be in fashion or nutrition or travels. Admittedly, kalau bab gosip tu is a different category, but for lifestyle topics in general, yang tak bercanggah dengan syariat Islam... I personally have no problem with the existence of such blogs and bloggers. :) Variety is the spice of life, no?

Tapi itulah, it is a bit disappointing to notice the imbalance that you pointed out -- eg. the interest in da'wah blogs vs. entertainment blogs. InshaAllah with the rise of talented writers like Inche Gabbana atas tu, and Miss Izyan jugak (hee mashaAllah ;) ), you guys can help change the situation. :D

izyan.ariff said...

@anonymousess (if plural does exist here)

jazakumullah. all praises to Him. doakan otak ni di jalan betul. huhu..


w'salam. jazakillah dearest sist. for helping me look at it from a diff poit of view.

i guess when i wrote it i was unluckily browsing thru the wrong ones. sbb the ones i found were those that really put themselves away from our rightful place (girls mainly)

and true. i dont mind much about other blogs. even if they dont relate to Quran and hadith in the end. mcm nk travel aritu cari blog travel. nk masak, masuk blog masak. hehe :)

when i wrote it, i was more focused on pne particular group mungkin.

its just that i was a bit frustrated with our malaysian teens (adik2). when blogging is about you bragging about your beauty, or telling the world our deepest most darkest secrets, or trashing another human being.

tp ramai sgt suke bace bnde mcm tu. like a getaway. tgk how miserable or maybe fun other's lives are, without actually bersyukur dgn with what you have. let alone nk fikir how to make it better.

whatever it is, lets pray for the best. you, me and everyone iA.

ps: aaahh..masih jauh nk capai thap inche Gabbana. but prayers are always welcomed here.

pps: im a stalker of your pictures sist! ^^,

Aneesah said...

Wa'iyyaki sis. I apologise if I was the one yang salah tafsir / salah ertikan your entry. ^^; Indeed I see where your frustration (and a bit of sadness too, for me) comes from, when you put this in the context of adik-adik zaman sekarang. :( But inshaAllah the maturity and wisdom will arrive in time. Perhaps one day they will be the one looking back at their own writings and think the same thoughts that we're thinking!

And thank you back. :))

izyan.ariff said...


hehe. suke la ur comments :)))))

"But inshaAllah the maturity and wisdom will arrive in time. Perhaps one day they will be the one looking back at their own writings and think the same thoughts that we're thinking!"

couldn't agree more. the fact is, for me, the things i am learning today, it all started with mistakes i have made before.

awesome la Dia. letting us taste the bitter things first for us to enjoy the sweetness. so i guess all of us wil learn eventually iA.


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