it's my second post with this title.
like i said in the first one.
it's never enough

many months ago, ive been crying with her. i kept on praying, cuz i know deep in my heart that Allah is protecting her. eventhough it seems that she's hurting most of the time. but of course, human beings are weak. when we're sad, we cry. i remembered one particular thing that i always asked of Him,

"Ya Allah, hilangkanlah kesedihannya sebelum aku meninggalkannya.."

i have learnt this lesson once. a big lesson. that's why i know that at the end of the day everything'll be okay. and yes, Allah showed me that He always has His way. that whatever sadness that we are feeling, it's only because He wants us to remember Him. To ask Him for His help and nobody else.

NOW, not only did He take away
all the sadness; He brought her happiness beyond her own imagination. beyond MY imagination. i know that a year ago we wouldnt dream of things happening like how they are right now. and yet they happened. All because of Him. and i am forever grateful.

it's never enough.


mat rempit & drag queens~

puas hatiku..
(sila rujuk NEW SUNDAY TIMES, 19 JULY 2009, FRONT PAGE)

when "shock, disbelief, and outrage" were felt due to the banning of rempits and cross-dressers in films and local TVs, i felt "shock, amazement, and content". to date, i think this is one of the best decision ever made by malaysian gov.

i have never been a fan of malaysian films. (not due to the messages they're conveying, but to the way they potray the msgs) nk stop org from 'rempit'in
g, yet movies with different kinds of rempit styles are shown. xnak bagi 'gejala sosial dr berleluasa', yet the films show every type of gejala sosial you can think of. from clubbing to drinking. as if you want to stop those in the outside world, but actually you know that these kinds of movies attracts these rempits. mane taknye, you're showing them THEIR life.

(i never mind the very
hampeh acting, coz i know that it's definitely not easy to show real emotions in front of the camera)

here's an idea. if you really3 wanna scare off those rempits from rempiting, then why not show videos of those decapitated heads we see under the lorry everytime. or the limbs dragged on the road. or perhaps show the pain they inflict upon their loved ones with what they're doing. or maybe show what they will become in a few years ahead. senang cite, tunjuk je sket2 imagination kite on seksa kubur ke pe.. just give them the general idea. you dont have to show the life of a rempit (races, girls, zina etc) they've
BEEN there, and they've DONE that.

ps: i do feel sorry for those yg tgh "in production" of the latest rempits and stuff. but if you really wanna talk about being creative, there's a lot more movies which can be made that dont have to involve girls and guys in very 'close proximity'. seriously, its sickening. especially when those actors are muslims.
niat tak menghalalkan cara.

*ive been looking for a rempit picture. found this one instead.
more or less they're just the same. so no harm done.


buah sbeh

*tasbih or also known as 'buah sbeh' to my negeri..=)

yesterday, i decided to solat maghrib first baru bukak pose. (nazar2..hehe) finally there were a few minutes left. nak bace quran, sure jadi halfway page. x syok lak. (kate hati ini) so i decided to bertasbih. tibe2 je teringat kat buah sbeh. maka mulalah diri ini membuka laci2 yg ada di dpn mata. (rase mcm byk jah..haih..mane ni..) "abah..ooo abah.." dtglah ayahku dgn segerombolan buah sbeh yg disangkut di tempat penyangkut.

(lalu sy memilih yg comel berwarna white greenish) sambil nak start tu..i tried to remember when was the last time i used it. ingat punya ingat..but no memories came to me. i realized something.
"xpenah gune ke??" (diri ini rase malu..)

bile gune tu, tibe2 rase smangat smacam. klo slame ni either ikut org or kire kat jari. or sumtimes create mental image bape kali da sebut. tp this time..hanya tgn n bibir yg berfungsi. pjam mate pon tak lost count.

thinking back, i feel embarassed a bit. 19 years of living baru nak appreciate
buah sbeh. but as the saying goes.. 'better late than never' right? maka berjanjilah sy dgn diri sendiri, bahawa saya takkan berpisah dah dgn buah sbeh.


how we know we love each other

*yup..that's you alright...

me : kakak, sayang yan dop?
kakak: no.

a few moments later..

kakak: yan sayang kakak dop?
me: obviously no.*i can relate
*somehow..flashes of the past are coming back to me..grr...


*sorry aunty. im using your picture again.ur cute.hehe.

im not even 20 yet..
(in a few months more i will but that's not the point)
but everywhere i go i'll be called "
whereas i know that most of them are much
older than me.
so this left me wondering
will people be calling me
makcik by the time im 25??
i feel so


this is a bride. i want to be one.
i wanna get married. because weddings are beautiful.
and it's even more beautiful if it's with the right person.
i cant wait
for it.
but i can wait for my jodoh.
(a gatai yet very optimistic entry)


i have always kissed abah and mama
before sleeping and after waking up is a must.
before, during and after breakfast too..
lunches..dinner. well, whenever im in the kitchen.
let's just say i kiss them all the time.
whenever and wherever i can.
to my sisters and brother too.
so all in all,
i have
18years ++ collection of kisses. =)

but now that im going away,
ive realized that i wont have that much chances to kiss them anymore
then perhaps i have to wait for
a year before meeting them again.
so, this fact makes me
terribly sad. =(


-it is never enough-


i did something stupid.
i dont know how i did it.
i didnt realize what i was doing i guess.
so i lost my newly-made blog.

i was horrified.
saya sgt semangat.
so this is the second attempt.
pretty much the same as the first one.
(i still remember most of the things that i did)

what i hate most was losing the entries.
but i did saved some of them in my lappy.
i guess i can still use them again.
but i lost some that were quite important too.

ugh..this is so frustrating.
skarang tgh semangat.
im doing it.

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