i did something stupid.
i dont know how i did it.
i didnt realize what i was doing i guess.
so i lost my newly-made blog.

i was horrified.
saya sgt semangat.
so this is the second attempt.
pretty much the same as the first one.
(i still remember most of the things that i did)

what i hate most was losing the entries.
but i did saved some of them in my lappy.
i guess i can still use them again.
but i lost some that were quite important too.

ugh..this is so frustrating.
skarang tgh semangat.
im doing it.


Rahman,Ahchong,Muniandy said...

sdg memulihkan semangat ke?elok lah tu.smoga cpt pulih.shall we be gd friend? tq

lyn said...

go yan go!
saya support anda..nnty ku join mu,

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