Scary MukaBuku

dear MukaBuku. of late, you scared me more often than i wished for. :'( 

Scary MukaBuku.
where we spend hours just changing our profile pictures.
looking for that perfect angle, perfect scenery behind,
accentuating that perfect jawline, the new red dress, the new style of Hijab.

Scary MukaBuku.
we bought expensive DSLRs or Lomos,
to take beautiful pictures,
perhaps telling the world where we went to,
perhaps telling the world how great we are at taking pictures,
perhaps just to make us a little more prettier than those digicameras we had before.

Scary MukaBuku.
we clicked 'Add Friend',
hoping to read the hadith they shared,
the articles they read, the bits here and there;
yet one day that 'Salam' popped up.
the next thing we know,
we sent smileys here, and smileys there.
still read the hadiths, still read those articles,
but now reading more into their profiles,
looking more into their pictures, 
and we got ourselves lost in the so called Cinta MukaBuku.

Scary MukaBuku.
i wonder, i seriously wonder;
will we be questioned, 
for all the pictures that we have seen;
of friends not covering their aurat,
of friends posting curse words,
of friends touching non-mahrams;
and yet we continued scrolling down at News Feed.
dare not to care about them,
let alone say something to them. 

Scary MukaBuku.
many have also realized that we can use you the right way.
but i guess syaitonirojim is way ahead of us.
we say we are doing amar makruf nahi munkar,
yet most of the time we are downgrading others.
we say we are telling others the truth,
yet we are embarrassing them openly instead,
disregarding their reasons, their backgrounds and such.
all because, we thought we are doing what's right.

Scary MukaBuku.
i'm scared, i'm seriously scared.
when we can read almost anything, about everything.
not knowing enough, 
yet we are telling the whole world about that everything. 
there are always two sides of a coin,
yet we never stop for a second to flip it over;
too eager to click that Share button.
what if they are all lies?
what if they are all accusations?
just a click away, and we're part of them.

Scary MukaBuku.
how easy it is to carry those overflowing sins;
with just that one click. 
Like. Share.
sedar atau tanpa sedar;
mostly the latter. 

These are all mistakes you and i make.
over and over again, whenever we forget.
and sadly, these are just some few examples;
we all can think on our own for what the others are.

we should all be scared of MukaBuku really,
because it's a great medium with so many subtle tricks used by syaitonirojim,
unless; we renew our intentions everytime. 
Lillahi taala.

susah. memang susah.
that's why we all have to be reminded again and again.
me, you and everyone else.
because sadly, we are meant to forget more often than we wished for. 

praying Allah redhai semua;
niat, kata-kata, dan amalan kita.


The Lifeless Clock


Islam is like the Clock.
and it's teachings are the components that made up the Clock.
there'd be components of different sizes and shapes.
but all are interlinked,
moving about to do one thing;
showing us the time. 

without one, the whole thing won't work.
without one, the Clock will stop.

but what we are doing now,
is replacing the Clock's components with other things;
parts from iPhone, parts from mesin jahit,
and trying to put it all into the Clock;
hoping that it will work.

why?because we are confused.
we no longer know which is which.
yet, we still went on with putting all those things in.

thus, the Clock has failed to do it's job;
because we have mix and mingle the Clock's inside;
the arms would no longer move.

the hour won't budge.
the minute won't budge.
the seconds won't budge.

the Clock is still a Clock,
but it's a lifeless one;
a failure in doing it's main job.


bila ajaran bukan Islam dimasukkan ke dalam ajaran Islam,
how can we expect our Deen to be able to show the world that it is the real thing?

our job is to be a living proof, that Islam is a way of life.
that Islam is from Allah.
yet, we are failing so bad in doing so,
because we mix and match everything according to our nafs.

one Day, we will only be one or the other.
one who tries their best in showing Islam to others,
and one who confuses others about it.

what do we think our answer will be?
because trust me, we will be asked. 
and fairly enough, our actions speaks louder than words.
now and definitely Later.

astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah.
may Allah Guides.
me. you. and every living being. 

read more: 
Dasar-dasar Islam [Abul A'la Al-Maududi]

Dan demikian [pula] Kami telah menjadikan kamu [umat Islam], umat yang adil dan pilihan, agar kamu menjadi saksi atas [perbuatan] manusia dan agar Rasul [Muhammad] menjadi saksi atas [perbuatan] kamu. 


our Project, with Love

i love them girls. 
doakan kami :)
semoga hati dibersihkan Dia setiap masa.
ameen ya Rabb :)


Simple Maths

edited by: ChocLover

it's easy for us to say;

"dia tak tutup aurat."

whenever we see those who don't wear their hijab;
or those who wear short skirts;
or those who wear hijabs and short-sleeved baby T's;
or those who wear ultra tight leggings.

because we dont wear those kinds of things.
and most of the time, we felt we have covered much,
because we compare ourselves to those who dont understand what Aurat is.

but what if we look at those who learn what Islam is.
who understand what Aurat is;
only then will we realize how far we are lagging behind.

bila pakai pumps, some parts of kaki ternampak, cause we choose to not wear socks.
that's still Aurat.
bila pusing-pusing tudung labuh, but it's still see through;
that's still Aurat.
bila tarik lengan baju sampai siku sebab "panas la hari ni"
that's still Aurat.

showing your Aurat is haram.
it's simple maths really. show Aurat = get sins.
but why oh why are we so adamant to say that 1+1=3?

let us all be more sensitive to cover what needs to be covered,
even if it looks simple and not that big of a deal.
trust me, when the Time comes, it might be the biggest deal for us;
when we only have ourselves to blame for the things we showed.

lets make ourselves better girls.
as always;

a reminder to self, first and foremost.

"Dunia adalah perhiasan, 

dan sebaik-baiknya perhiasan adalah wanita solehah" 

(H.R. Muslim dan Nasa'i) 

"And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons..."


Cracks in Life II

too many activities in a day, lead me to miss out on routines that i used to do. untuk basahkan hati, there are so many ways that Allah has provided. as for me, watching videos of people's 'Hijrah' is always one of those things that can always touch that deepest most vulnerable part of the heart. just listening and watching their stories; from non believers to believers, from non practicing to practicing, all evoke different kinds of emotions within me. i prayed that those emotions or tears are not for nothing, but only make me closer to Him. insyaAllah. here's one video for the night. as much as it has touched mine, i hope it will touch your hearts too.

they were groups of singers i've grown up listening to.
the song Belaian Jiwa is a song i've sung to up till this day.
and to be able to hear it with different yet more purposeful lyrics,
shows that Allah Maha Kuasa, Allah Maha Penyayang. 
One who opens doors to anyone who seeks for them.

like one of them said in the video, we all hope for istiqamah in this path.

no matter how different the path is,
some harder than the other,
some further than the other;
insyaAllah we all pray that they will all lead up to the same destination: Jannah.

they had their cracks in life,
which had let the largest amount of light in: Hidayah.
so don't let your cracks in life remain just cracks;
but remember to let some of the lights in through them. :)

i pray Allah keep them all safe.
i pray Allah keep me safe.
i pray Allah keep us all safe. 
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