The Lifeless Clock


Islam is like the Clock.
and it's teachings are the components that made up the Clock.
there'd be components of different sizes and shapes.
but all are interlinked,
moving about to do one thing;
showing us the time. 

without one, the whole thing won't work.
without one, the Clock will stop.

but what we are doing now,
is replacing the Clock's components with other things;
parts from iPhone, parts from mesin jahit,
and trying to put it all into the Clock;
hoping that it will work.

why?because we are confused.
we no longer know which is which.
yet, we still went on with putting all those things in.

thus, the Clock has failed to do it's job;
because we have mix and mingle the Clock's inside;
the arms would no longer move.

the hour won't budge.
the minute won't budge.
the seconds won't budge.

the Clock is still a Clock,
but it's a lifeless one;
a failure in doing it's main job.


bila ajaran bukan Islam dimasukkan ke dalam ajaran Islam,
how can we expect our Deen to be able to show the world that it is the real thing?

our job is to be a living proof, that Islam is a way of life.
that Islam is from Allah.
yet, we are failing so bad in doing so,
because we mix and match everything according to our nafs.

one Day, we will only be one or the other.
one who tries their best in showing Islam to others,
and one who confuses others about it.

what do we think our answer will be?
because trust me, we will be asked. 
and fairly enough, our actions speaks louder than words.
now and definitely Later.

astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah.
may Allah Guides.
me. you. and every living being. 

read more: 
Dasar-dasar Islam [Abul A'la Al-Maududi]

Dan demikian [pula] Kami telah menjadikan kamu [umat Islam], umat yang adil dan pilihan, agar kamu menjadi saksi atas [perbuatan] manusia dan agar Rasul [Muhammad] menjadi saksi atas [perbuatan] kamu. 


[fathiyyah] said...

yaann. lama tk singgah sini
dgr ur voice dlm video tu, buat me rinduuuuu sgt yan

take care,
dalam lindungan Allah


izyan.ariff said...


jazakillah syg. hehe. i dunno the last time we talked la dear.
mungkin kah mase form 3???

huhu~ whenever it is, i still can remember ur voice though. <3

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