zero to hero

one time, someone said to me, that being in this road, you will find unexpected things. things that challenge you.and you do things that you dont normally do. or you will do things that you would normally say no to. 

my first 'sort-of' official task happened during summer. and despite doing things that, well, have done before a few times back in the highschool days, you know, all the talking or even emceeing. but this is totally different. doing things for reasons that you are totally clear of; and it was a whole lot nerve-wrecking. all things comes to mind. things like ikhlas; which to be frank is the part that im most scared of. but still, questioning your sincerity doesn't get you anywhere, the job still needs to be done.

and yet, as nerve-wrecking and worrisome as it is, it always ends up with a good feeling. when you make others around you happy; or when you see others giving you words of encouragement; or best of all, prayers for you. you cant help but be thankful that Allah Planned all these, and He Mercifully decided to include you in it. what more can you say than.. alhamdulillah.

but at the end of the day, challenged or not, worried or not, nerve-wrecking or not, we are all hoping that we're doing things for Him, insyaAllah. because we all are just ordinary beings, who wants to be Loved by The Creator. kan? 

hoping that He is Smiling as He Watches us. ameen.

ps : promote zero to hero in Dublin. do check this link out eit? come one, come all!!

z2h dublin 2010 (official) from missizyan on Vimeo.


miera said...

just keep it up yan!!!
He gives u a chance to do it...~alhamdulillah~

nice promo vid...(:
hope, ur project will be held smoothly under His Guidance...~ameen~

fathiyyah said...

selamat ber z2h yan :)

vid ni sgt best !

fathiyyah said...

yan, boleh share tk yan pakai software apa utk video ni ?

izyan.ariff said...

mira syg~ huhu..jazakillah syg. terharu...hehe. ameen2 ya Rabb. Allah je bulih balas all the supporting words u gave me ni dear. praying that He Keeps us all under His Blessings :')

fathy dear: jazakillah. boleh sgt2. ni first time yan gune pn software tu. corel Pro X3. gune trial version je.sob2. da nk abes...huuu :(

fathiyyah said...

yan, can't stop listening to 'hanyut'

yan la ni .. hehe

putih said...

suke sangat video ni!!!!

all the best for the programme

izyan.ariff said...

fathy~ haha. seriuzly syg? hehehe...
kalakar la thinking back. glad that u like it dear.muah!

putih: suke la tulis putih ni. rase suci. alhamdulillah. doakan eit? :) and thanx for droppin by this lil bloggie.wuwu..

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