this is what exam does to me =,=''

by *bry5 of deviantart

you know those times when you feel like you wanna get married and settle down and follow what your husband asks you to; and be a good housewife; and take care of a cute baby girl (or maybe twins boy and girl); and kemas rumah cantik-cantik; and masak-masak nasi kerabu; and then hubby balik makan and he smiled cakap "sedapnye"; and then you listen to him reading the Quran so beautifully; while the baby is fast asleep; and then it's your turn to read the Quran (beautifully jugak); and the hubby falls asleep too....

and then. you realized.

that you're just a medical student. in front of you is a huge amount of lecture notes, with less than 24hours before your mid-term exams.


patutla otak merapu. siap tulis dalam blog lagi. =,=''

ps: lately syaitoon is playing around with my dreams too. kept bringing this one *** for no particular reason. or maybe bukan syaitan? (ok.kene slap in the face sikit) back to exam!

pps: alang-alang we're in this topic, might as well put a useful reminder of one of His Promises. (",)

“Perempuan yang jahat untuk lelaki yang jahat dan lelaki yang jahat untuk perempuan yang jahat, perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki yang baik dan lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik.” (an-Nur':26)

let's try our best to be the highlighted ones yop?

yours truly,
yang tak sedar diri baru 2nd year medicine.


Iman said...


Iman said...

Sorry comment tak membina, but I found the idea of the whole post really funny :p

izyan.ariff said...

iman dear:
haha. LOL is the right response pn. u shud come and slap me in the face rite now. T,T *tanak exaaaaammm*

fatiN wahaB said...

izyan ariff...-_-"

i am thinking of the same exact thing.. siyes ta tipu...
now got news MARA students mungkin ta boleh balik summer so rase lgi stress out
rase nk quit study balik duk umah kawen.....bangun pagi same2 subuh then masak breakfast,.. then hantar suami kat pintu die nk gi kerje.. then do housechores,gi pasar beli stuffs, cook dinner n wait patiently for him to come back. then, dibnner together, b4 pegi mghrib isya' kat masjid.. then balik tdarus same2.. oh ohy.. y y we think same2...
u do crime on me!

Edow said...

I second that Iman!


Btw, I pray that everyone gets what they deserve inshaAllah.Ameenn..

haha~ so whats the problem being a 2nd year med student and married? *thinking mode*

ok. no more speculation. *wink2*

All the best yan esok! =)

fUyUki said...


yan.. sebenanye, i always felt that way tooo.

bila banyak masa terluang and sendiri2, rase macam nak masak2 n makan same2 ngan hubby.
nak jalan2 travel sana sini, suami temankan..
nak ade anak, boleh main same2 ngan die.

hihi.. okes..
time to wake up!

may Allah ease ur way through
and happy finishing the years learning medicine ;)

AyuNee said...

xlama dah yan ni XD


zulaikhazainol said...

omg yan so comel XD this is what we call the pre-exam syndrome. i tend to daydream too especially in front of books! :p

Fazdlin Rahim said...

bahahaha.. slap2

back to books! we gonna be a good mother one day insYaAllah. i want!

Pisey said...

hahahahaha. glad that i'm not the only one (; bukan duk study medic la tapi, heheh.

izyan.ariff said...

@fatin.hehe~ we are normal beings. lol~

@Add: haha..bersedia da tuh~

@nadiah: hehehe..kan kan? praying for yours too. aritu stalk ur blog lg. ^^,

@yuni: haha. dop pn dear ;P tadop org masuk lagi pn.hahahahahaha

@eka: hahaha. i like your pre-exam syndrome too.deciding which to study.haha

@lyn: wuu..kene slap! T,T heee

@pisey: hahaha. i just realized we girls are all on the same page.lol.

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