bumi yang takut

it shakes. countless time. leading to destructions. leading to deaths. 

click earthquake and you'd see numerous videos showing how destructive it is. the current one being in Japan obviously. but below the videos you'd see comments by people from all around the world. and one that attracted me was one of those coming from the non-believers; the atheist. somehow these natural disasters made their stand stronger. that if God truly exist, then He could have stopped the whole destruction. He could've save the countless lives.

but us Muslims. we know better kan?

that it's all coming from our own wrong-doings.
that the Bumi is ashamed of us walking on it.
that it is a reminder for us Muslims; 
that we are to be blamed.

i stumbled upon this post yesterday. wallahua'lam, it's new knowledge for me too. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. knowing now that our Mother Earth wont dare shake should the right people be on it. knowing now that it shakes for specific sinful acts. now, we have grown accustomed to all sorts of wrong-doings. too much sins that we take too lightly. but when we take it seriously, then we would normally hear this: 

"hek eleh itu pun nk menggelabah"

i guess we can blame the surroundings. we are the people of akhir zaman. where those who work hard to fulfil our responsibilities as true believers, are made fun of; seen as freaks; seen as extremist; whereas that is all we should be doing, what our life is all about. but i guess those are just small tests, compared to what our beloved Prophet had to face.

maybe the question is, are we that satisfied with what we have done and what we are doing now, that if we were to die tomorrow, we will be at the better place? wallahua'lam. 

yours truly,
one who frequently have nightmares of tsunamis. *sigh*

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