life is FAKE.

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caution: today's entry will be filled with created terms that might not be comprehended, or lead to misinterpretations. it's just me looking at life from my point of view. i apologize beforehand. wallahua'lam.

you're a fake.
life is fake. 
living life is a fake.

stop lying and pretending, and think deep. it's fake isn't it? all is bound to end isn't it?

you get married. you can be happy and blissful. but it'll end. be it with divorce. be it with death. you go to parties, have fun like hell, and you went back home, all alone in your room. you eat out with friends, chatted happily, and it eventually ends. you spend 2 years with a great group of friends, promising one another we'll be there for one another no matter what. 15 years later, are you still there for them? 

life is fake. it's full of beautiful promises made by us, 
only to be unkept. 

you can study so hard and get a PhD, and then you go teach somewhere and become a world-known doctor or something, but you'll still end up dying. then what's the happiness all about? 10 years of happiness maximum, and that's it? you just end up dying.

there's two types of fakeness. haram fakeness. halal fakeness.

having a relationship. that's haram fakeness. you think you're happy. having the other half. crying on their shoulders. them buying you presents. dating. taking cool DSLR pictures of one another and people will go "awww...you both are so sweet la.." but it'll end sooner or later. you broke up. "no worries, i cherish all the memories of the 2 weeks / 5 months / 7 years together." riiiight...

but sometimes you end up with marriage. alhamdulillah. the halal fakeness. but still fake? why? go back to paragraph one. you're happy what not, but it's bound to end. with death ultimately.

so that's it? life is fake?

Here? yes. it's fake. 
There? a big No. 
(note: im referring to akhirat; for those who might have been a tiiiny bit confused with my ramblings today) 

there. the HereAfter. that's the real one. the real life. cuz it won't end. and living just for the sake of the Real Life, will help us with the fakeness of this life that we're currently living in.


because everything we do Here, will decide how our Real Life should be and will be later on.

let's use back our examples. getting married? just for the happiness and bliss? that's fake. but getting married to be thankful for the happiness and bliss given from Allah. that's Real. to help your other half in being a good abid (hamba) to Allah?  that's real. to have zuriat which will continue to be abid of Allah? that's real.

when the reasons are right, the life becomes real.

studying? just for a roll of paper stating - Masters? PhD? "i feel the sense of fulfillment when i gain knowledge." riiight...well, that's fake. but seeking ilmu because it makes us realize how small we are? that's real. seeking ilmu to help us truly feel how great Allah's creations are? that's real. seeking ilmu because every single effort and steps we take help us remember Allah? that's real. seeking ilmu to share with others for the benefit of everyone, because Allah said so? that's real.

again, when the reasons are right, the life becomes real.

so let's stop being a fake shall we? and start to live life real. for the Real Life after this one. note: i dont know why the words "fake" kept creeping up in my brain when i was ushaing facebook. (wasteful things i shouldnt do) but sometimes, bad things can be good for you. it helps you reflect.

we need to remove the fakeness, and search for the real one buried within it. and so, i need your help. we all need help. from others around us (family, friends, society) and from Him ultimately. to remind us over and over again. because at times, i still find myself buried deep in this fakeness. i dont wanna be a fake. pray for me. pray for us.

and here's a very straight-forward reminder from Him that summarizes all:

"dan kehidupan dunia ini, hanyalah permainan dan senda gurau.
Sedangkan negeri akhirat itu, sungguh lebih baik bagi orang-orang yang bertakwa.
Tidakkah kamu mengerti?"



peNer0ka keTenaNgan said...

Salam 'alaik..
Thanks for the reminder. It does really make me think deeper. Please allow me to share this entry in my facebook :)

p is an g said...

if i could name a girl i can halally married to right now; the name should be izyan ariff.


izyan.ariff said...

to asmaa':
sure dear. more than glad to spread the reminders. hoping it'll benefit everyone :)

to pisang ku syg:
hahahaha ;) and if that happens, i'd say "i do". lol~

Lync said...


izyan.ariff said...

@lyn: see u soon lyn. cant wait to seek ilmu with my bestie! :)

Aiman Nazirmuddin said...


izyan.ariff said...


pray :)

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