run akhi, run.

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i was thinking of writing something else for the day, but the news that i have been carefully dreading comes. We have lost a true fighter, akhi Mas Afzal.

just 2 days ago, i carefully peeked his facebook. scared of some words that we are all expecting of, not just for him, but for us too. remembered whenever he didn't write for a few weeks or so, it scared me. abah asked quite a few times about him everytime he called. funny how it seems like akhi is a long-lost family friend or something. as if he's part of the family.

but he is. a part of our big family. a part of Islam.

the first time i read his blog was earlier this year. i wrote it down in an entry once. he had touched my heart, and i believe, so many more others out there. despite not knowing him at all on a personal level, it was enough to know him as a fighter; a fighter for his life, and most importantly, a fighter for Islam; through his writings.

some would say, he had lost his fight with cancer. but i'd say he had won it. by going through it with the best possible ways. one of it would definitely be his blog. subhanallah. a huge coincidence, he started writing the blog on 17.12.2008, and he went back exactly 2 years later, 17.12.2010.

two years filled with inspirations. weird how easily the stream of tears come for a person who i haven't met or talked to even once in my life. but the tears are the proof, for how much he had touched the heart. insyaAllah.

takziah untuk family & sahabat-sahabat akhi. everytime i repeat this words, my heart aches. quoted from saifulislam.

"berlarilah akhi Mas, ke Temanmu yang Maha Tinggi'

insyaAllah. he is running towards Him. insyaAllah. im praying very much that he is, and he will be at his rightful place. insyaAllah. the place Allah had Promised and Reminded us of over and over again.

InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah.

akhi Mas Afzal did everything he could during his Time. and it has ended. thus, he went back to Him with so many prayers from so many people out there.

w hat about us..? 
what about us..?
what about us..?



zahidah said...

Kak Yan, Zahidah pun sedih. :(
Rasa baru lagi kenal akhi Mas Afzal through his writing at iluvislam early this month. He's such a fighter. May Allah grant him the best place man could ever imagine. InsyaAllah. :'(

izyan.ariff said...

i believe he's already there iA. he has done his part beautifully.

but most importantly, it's about us doing our part while we still can, that worries me most..:'(

Lync said...

Yan. Though we never get the chance to know him face to face, He really touched our heart right. Agree with u. He is such a great person. InsyaAllah may jannah be with him and yah the feeling of scared n i dont know. How about us. I feel like we r all in a battle towards something and his time has come and he had reached the goal insyaAllah but us? Subhanallah masyaAllah and nauzubillah.

izyan.ariff said...

@lyn: yup syg. scary. worried with my own slow pace too.. :(

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