my life; as it is.

part 1:
as stated in my previous post, i have been very much troubled emotionally for these past few weeks. i've been following a very inspiring blog -written by someone whom i definitely not know of- but is still able to touch anyone's heart. im sure by now many people have read his blog, or heard of him and his story. Akhi Mas Afzal. *i can only pray that Allah will be with you through and through. my prayers are always with you.insyaAllah*

part 2:
earlier this week, ive been troubled by what had happened to a friend of mine, amal. but just in a week's time, Allah has shown His Love in many ways, more than anyone can think of. i, for one could not tell how Allah works His wonders by just writing it in a blog -it wont be satisfying enough for me- but im sure im not the only one who realizes the miracles that Allah had showered upon us. having talked to amal 2 days after the incident, and again 2 days later, i cant help but be amazed by how Allah put things perfectly together. subhanallah. i just hope that with these incidences, they will strengthen the iman of all of us. insyaAllah.

part 3:
ive been watching the arrival series. and my brain seems to want more and more everyday. alhamdulillah. some said that watching it is scary. some said they dont want to watch these kind of documentaries, out of fear that they will see the world differently, thus not being able to live normally. normal? *i wonder how normal is our norms?* but the truth is, i think we all need to watch it, but not for the sake of  being scared of whatever that is mentioned in the series, but to be aware of what is actually happening. because to me, being aware means you understand things, and when you understand things, you wont run away from all the temptations in the world, -mind you, you will never be able to run away nor hide from them- BUT, you will instead face the temptations with iman and Allah by your side. insyaAllah.

i seem to have much on my mind right now.
if only i could have more time, to be able to share my thoughts in here.
but of course, time itself is His. i dont have time, i have only borrowed time.
so instead of mourning the very limited borrowed time i have,
i might as well use it up as efficiently as i could, and insyaAllah for His liking too. (",)

ps: anyways, i cant wait for the grand event.
ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan keluargaku.
ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusanku.
ameen ^,^


nieeyz said...

yan wat hppnd to kwn kmu eh amal tu?
i read ur note kt fb.. so.. how's he doing?

izyan.ariff said...

hehe.sile bace kat link dlm this post. link kat name die tuh. sume yg colour2 tu link act~ ^,^

Anonymous said...

tido awal tiap2 malam,insyaallah bgn awal.tido dalam kul 11 or 12 mlm.set jam stdy waktu pg.then susah la nak tido after subuh..hehe buat tiap2 ari insyaallah jadi cz kalau bgn awal then xtido, automatically badan rase penat semacam by 11pm, esok pagi bgn n sedar smpi waktu kelas. so rutin tu akan berterusan setiap ari..hanya secebis cadangan ^.^

izyan.ariff said...

to anonymous:

thank youuu =) okay. will try. dulu pnah tido awl. tp takde bgn awal sgt. so end up losing my study time. so stat tido lewat balik. isk. still, u cant start a new habit if u give it up without even trying hard enuf kan? so insyaAllah ill try harder this time. jzkk ^,^

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