i dont have SLR

but at least i have eyes.

and em..a cameraphone? *hehe*

some people said that not sleeping after subuh needs hard work. well, i havent been angelic either. let's say ive been there, done that. towards the end, it seems like it became a habit for me to sleep after subuh. and the afternoon classes didn't help me either. *bad me. do not follow* so i tried different methods to keep me awake. like, reciting Quran for one. then eating breakfast as early as possible. and sometimes even showering before the sun rises. *well, the showering part didn't last long. it's too cold* then, i found a method that seems to work for me: watching the sun rises. 

proof? one time, i was veryyyy sleepy after prayers. maybe because i slept at 2.30am the night before. i couldn't even recite the Quran properly. as i was on the verge of going to dreamland on my sejadah, *cceengg~~ sound effect sket* yup, the sunlight shone through the small space in between my window blinds. sounds like a movie, but it was real. now, i never start a day without capturing the sunrise. subhanallah. i've gone through lovely days ever since. ^,^

ouh. and the fact that there are loads more benefits of not sleeping after subuh keeps me motivated too.hee** 

here are some pictures i'd like to share. i dont have expensive cool gadgets, so these pictures actually don't do justice to the actual views. nevertheless, they are still amazing to me. =)

these were all captured by my camera phone (3.2 je) and from my window. so there's not much angles to start with...still, i love them. ^,^



aNoZ said...

walaupun kamer phone, masih cantik. angle lawa. pandai2. hehe.. gi la beli slr! =)

bambino said...

nice! suke gambar tu :)

budak said...

awet muda.. ehh, bukan2, itu qiam. hahaha..
*ps : bilik aku xnampak sunrise la wuwu..

fathiyyah said...


yaang, lawaaaaaaaa

Ms Shereen said...

Alhamdulillah.. lovely photos Yan.. cool blog..

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