Secret: Part 2

my mind is elsewhere.

when i look at my anatomy book, and it looks back.
tapi dua-dua senyap.
*if buku tu tak senyap freaky la pulak*

when i surf the net with the intentions to check my schedule.
but instead i ended up checking my other schedule.

when i go to the kitchen to eat, 
but i ended up thinking of what ill be eating tomorrow instead.

my mind is DEFINITELY elsewhere.

the secret is almost out.
but im gonna keep silent just for a little while.

in the meantime,
i have millions of plans for that night;
dont know which one to choose from.
but most importantly, 
make sure the night DOES happen.

ya Allah
permudahkanlah urusanku. (",)

to A: thank you so much. 

1 comment:

efa (",) said...

i'll keep ur liil secret..ngehehe..

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