oyy tudung labuh!


"ingat dia baik sangat ke?"
"tu tak boleh. ni tak boleh."
"salah sangat ke?"

"nanges ntah pape"
"buat baik nak kita masuk society die lah tu."
"suka judge orang."

saya tak pakai tudung labuh.
but my heart aches a little whenever i read or hear people seething them. talking bad about what they do, and most importantly, fuming about what they don't do. maybe they have had bad experiences with one or two. i had them too. but i don't go generalizing them all into one word. because each individuals are different. each individuals have their own weakness and imperfections. setuju? thank you. 

saya tak pakai tudung labuh.
but my heart aches when people said that they are judging others. that they think they are better than others. whilst whenever i am with them, i never heard them talk about others. even if they did, it's always benda-benda baik. "cantiknya. baiknya. sopannya. rajinnya." 

saya tak pakai tudung labuh.
but i know what they are striving for. they have found something beautiful in Islam. something that makes their world so beautiful. and because of that, they want everybody around them to feel the same too. and yet, many pushed them away, ridicule them, and just dont want to be with them. yet, those smiles on their faces never fade. 

saya tak pakai tudung labuh.
but i know about their strength and weakness. (..kot.) strength, comes when they see someone falling madly and deeply in love with our Deen. sadness, comes when they see one does the opposite of Allah's rules. they are doing everything the Quran teaches really, yet people detest them because of it. 

saya tak pakai tudung labuh.
and i'm not saying wearing one makes you the most pious and nicest person in the world, and that you are guaranteed Heaven. and not wearing one makes you the most evil witch that ever walk the planet and that you'd surely be burnt in Hell. no. i know this. them tudung labuh know this. i dont know who came up with these kinds of general statements, really. but i know one thing, wearing them covers your aurat. and isn't covering up one of the many ways that leads you to His Heaven? covering your aurat and akhlak yang baik are two different things, of course. both needs continuous effort. but we should always remember too, one can never be complete without the other. sun and moon. night and day. yin and yang. setuju? 

saya tak pakai tudung labuh.
but i see how well they are treated with them. Allah protect them from 'hati yang berpenyakit'. we see them for ourselves; guys think twice to talk to them. guys think twice to even talk ABOUT them. ask them boys really. the ones for friends and the ones for wives will rarely be the same group of people. most, if not all. 


oyy tudung labuh! (sorry kasar sikit.heh.) 

keep doing what you are doing. keep thinking the way you are thinking. keep smiling the way you are smiling. you are beautiful just the way you are. even the ones not wearing them can see that. you are the ones in the front row, the ones that those in search for Allah are looking up to. the ones we all want to be. we prayed for your kind of beauty and we prayed for your kind of strength. so keep being there for us. keep waiting for us. and pray for us down here. :)

the more you love Allah, 
the more you cover up.
reminder to self. =,=''

yours truly,
pemakai selendang, kawan tudung labuh. heh. :)


apples and roses said...

cair baca post kak Izyan. kita share kat blog! :)

izas said...

nicely written. a reminder for me too ;)

Syazana said...

Majoriti orang suka sebut kutuk atau pandang serong sungguh-sungguh pada pemakai tudunglabuh. Saying diorang pun perangai cam hape hnsf#% gitu. But then, sama je yang tak pakai tudung/pakai tudung pun, ada juga buat tak elok. We are all sinners, secara langsung dan tak langsung. The good thing pasal pemakai tudunglabuh is, diorang dah lepas dosa-dosa aurat dan berkaitan. Beautiful how they choose to do that (;

zelyonixalat said...

suka! ^_^

Anonymous said...

huhu..will you wear it someday? cuz i'm also not wearing the labuh one, but still menutup one..just want to know your opinion..jzkk

izyan.ariff said...

@ apples and roses:
jgn cair2 sgt.hehehe ;)sila2.

@izas: jazakillah dear :) iA. always a reminder for me too.

@sang: so true syg~ nti kite do more pillowtalk in klate this summer shall we?heh

hehe.suke? jemput dtg lagi.lala

is it a personal question tht only my heart can answer? yes.
but i pray for it iA ;)
and my prayers goes to you too dear.

but the basis/intention remains; cover what needs to be covered iA~ :)

Dato' Dr. Nurul 'Afifah :) said...

very nice. jazakallah! :)

izyan.ariff said...

@puan seri afifah :) hehe

waiyyaki <3
jazakillah for droppin by~

Mommy Ummar said...

i just drop by here. I like tis post instantly.
btw, saya juga tak pakai tudung labuh. But i respect them, really.

izyan.ariff said...

@ Mommy Ummar :))) jazakillah :)

nurnuha said...

I really cried reading this. I always feel the same way towards them..:) my sister is also one of them.. Always smiling even when hurt. Each tears in their heart when tey get hurt., Allah promise many more bleassings and love. May we also shall proceed to te same footsteps. I agree to every single word! Love it.. Thumbs up..

Ummu Uwais said...

Assalamualaikum. My first time visiting your blog, a really nice one dear. :) Pakai tudung labuh memang bukan mudah, orang kata x style lah, kampung, kolot and so on. At first, I just wearing tudung segi labuh, but then when i'm married, my husband said pakailah tudung bulat sebab soal tabarruj pun kena jaga. It's true sebab zaman sekarang memang ramai wanita pakai tudung, tapi digayakan dengan bermacam2 style, dah jadi mcm trend pula kan. Dan orang lelaki makin suka nak tengok sebab menarik perhatian. :)

محمد حذوان بن حميدان said...

nicely written. a reminder for all women ;)

izyan.ariff said...

@nurnuha, Ummu Uwais, and akh Hazwan.

jazakumullah for dropping by.
May Allah Bless! :)

Anonymous said...

coklat tanpa pembungkus dengan coklat yang dibalut rapi..mane satu yang kita nak? pasti yang belum dibuka balutannya :)

ianya manis, ianya belum tercemar oleh bakteria-bakteria halus dan bersih.

nice written then izyan.keep it up with iman

izyan.ariff said...

to anon:

hehe. the famous picture of the lollipop comes to mind. ;)

insyaAllah. aamiin~ doakan! :)

suhaili hanani said...

thanks a lot for this post :)

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