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saw some updates in facebook. i think i have been with people around me that says No to this, that i actually forget about the majority of people who are still very much loving every single moment of couple-hood. all those mushy, lovey dovey stuff that never fails to make the guys smiling randomly, and the girls all flattered, giggly and happy. 

it's a whole different world aint it? getting to know one another, taking pictures, supporting one another in studies and stuff, sharing your food together, occasionally looking at your phones just to peek at her/his picture, wearing matching clothes to a friend's house, tweeting how much you love one another for the whole world to acknowledge, teasing each other cutely, followed by pujuk-memujuk, and ending with "i love you too." aw.. so sweet :)

true. i'm a normal typical girl. who smiles and giggles at these kind of mushy stuff. and i cant wait to do all the mushy stuff too. BUT. only when the right time comes. when is it? definitely not now. and not when he says he'll marry me and give me an engagement ring and stuff. no. it's right when this special one guy says:

 "aku terima nikahnya..."

that's when i'll make sure ill be doing all the stuff that everybody else is doing. for all i know, at that particular time, Allah says ok to all the sweet things done. kan?

thought of a very poyo statement the other day, but i think it summarizes all:

if you want to have me, 
you need to go through Him first, 
err..and my abah too.

the end of izyan's occasional ramblings.
ps: i may have talked about this a few times before in this blog. hehe.. :)


fathiyyah said...

"if you want to have me,
you need to go through Him first,
err..and my abah too"

so sweet, yan :)

Adilah Darmawi said...

Sweet gila entry ni. =p

izyan.ariff said...

to fathy & add:

haha. comel la u both. am i the only one yg rase the whole entry and the statement poyo sket.hehe..

jzkk u both for still reading this berhabuk bloggie. :)

nia nabila said...

hihihihihi *giggling ahah suweet okayhh ;D

pali said...


fitry said...

haha..ilang tension study

kakak said...

haha good girl. :)
love u so much yan.

zahidah said...

Dropping by here, kak yan.
Sweet entry. =)

izyan.ariff said...

to ain:

giggly kan?haha..

to pali: err...*jage elok2 a.k.a kawen cpat ye?*hehe

to zahidah:
read some of ur posts dear :') pray for me as well eit?

izyan.ariff said...

to kakak:

i miss you terribly. pray for ur sist okay? hehe

izyan.ariff said...

to mozac: glad i can help :) ps: visa nk buat jumaat pagi ni iA.

Anonymous said...

mcm mne nk bahgia kalau asas phubungan pun tidak diredhaiNya.suka2. :D

p is an g said...

haha. dah la latar lagu 2litre of tears. baca entri ni mmg kasi degup kencang. how? keh3

izyan.ariff said...

anonemes: yupss.. btul3 :)

pisang: haha. kawen la.lol~

Anonymous said...


now i know apa maksud syg kerna Allah,
eventho kita x de la kenal sgt seseorg itu, tapi sbb aqidah yg sama, cinta yang sama, yup i hope it's true

sayang izyan<3


izyan.ariff said...

to sab:

it took me a looonger time to understand this dear.

but alhamdulillah for kefahaman yg Allah bg, compared to klo tak fham2 trus.hee..

syg sab <3 :)

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