"Dan sungguh, kelak Tuhan-Mu pasti Memberikan karunia-Nya kepadamu, sehingga engkau menjadi puas."
[93: 5]

this ayat finally caught my attention last night during our little meet-up. and listening to a friend's thought, leads me to mengangguk-angguk perlahan. :) she said: "manusia atas dunia ni memang takkan pernah rasa puas."

somehow that simple sentence made me thought deep. i used to talk to friends about the non-believers having unfulfilled lives. for they are wanting so many things to keep themselves busy, which ends with them either not getting any closer to the things they want, or even if they got them, they ended up wanting more. thus, it seems like an endless tiring journey for them. i have always said that not knowing the real purpose of life, leads to a senseless one. you dont know what you actually want. and you just grab whatever it is that's in front of you. anything. nak kawen. nak study overseas. nak baju baru. nak travel venice. nak pegi concert. nak masters. nak dapat phD. all without proper reasons. it's just human beings; wanting. 

and we were deceived by the word; goals. short-term goals, and long-term goals. the latter being one that is said to be more 'purposeful' for us, right? we were fooled that having these goals will fulfill one's life. will make us happy. note: i'm not saying that we cant have goals or anything. if not, than why am i even here in dublin studying medicine?? 

my point is, i think that all the goals that we have, be it short-term or long-term, are nothing, if we don't have this one ultimate purpose. there's only one ultimate, right, chosen, special whatever it is you want to describe it- purpose. which is:

to meet our Creator
to live There, for eternity

and there's only two types of places we can choose from. and our actions here will decide which we'll end up in. astaghfirullah. nobody can be sure where they'll end up in. (except for those yang Allah da janji. jealous. tapi your amalan entah kat mane yan. T,T) but i pray that at least i'll die while trying my best. kan?

and at the end, human beings can finally feel puas. here in this world, there's no such thing as puas. because only Allah can give that feeling to us, and it's not here, but only in the HereAfter. Allah stated it clearly in the Quran.


ps: nak tulis dlm ni jgk. arini snow. but accompanied by occasional lightnings and thunders. which left me scared since lastnight. felt like Bumi is really really old now. felt Akhirat is totally closing in on us.


Anonymous said...

jzkk for the reminder =)

smga kiter sume berputus nafas dikala iman di dada =)

zahidah said...

Katakanlah: "Sesungguhnya sembahyangku dan ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku, hanyalah untuk Allah Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam." [6:162]

InsyaAllah, Kak Yan. Yang penting Allah tengok usaha kita kan. He knows best. :)

budak said...

suke sgt2..
nk nanges lak bace.. huu T.T

izyan.ariff said...


insyaAllah. ameen ameen ya Rabb :)

*sigh*. tu janji kite evrytime solat kn? wuwu.. and we kept breaking it over n over again. alhamdulillah we have a Creator who Forgives constantly. :')

muna: jgn nanges cik adik. gi dgr lagu dedication tu.hehe :)

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