my snowy saturday morning :)

just thought of uploading some pictures of life. (",)

for anyone who cares. my kakak specifically.. :)

done with subuh prayers. opened the window. fresh cold air. greeting snow.

make bed. adoring my new duvet cover. cheap. courtesy of ebay. :)
(line lipatan pun nampak lagi)

went to kitchen. greeted with a nice snowy backyard. 

decided to prepare some breakfast for the house.
nak masak ape?

found target: the almost-expired bread.
have to use. membazir tak baik.

breakfast in the making. *simple je. bukan nasi lemak*

munching some fruits sambil-sambil.
decided to live healthy. makan buah before meals.
sunnah nabi :)

jejeng. french toasts done.
haih.. missing home. abah loves making this. :)
*adoi. rindu abah mama*

have a good saturday everyone!


zahidah said...

Bestnyeee snow! Hehehe.

loving kakak said...

ya allah.when i got to the french toast pic i immediately thought "abah" before reading what u wrote.hahah

so beautiful...going thru ur photos.snowy and cold and penuh dgn ke'winter sonata'an.(ur background song effect and all)

ur kind of season.take care ok syg.missing u terribly here. :')

Azrin said...

wah.. sedapnya.. post sini sket...=)

izyan.ariff said...

zahidah: mase turun, best. after it starts making ur pants basah and kotor, u dont like it much.huhu..
but still, happy2.hehe. *tak bek complain jee...hee*

that just proves kite anak abah.heheh~

haha.. ke winter sonataan? like the word. i miss you kakak. take care of urself n abe ammar.. love you so much!

haha..sdap roti ke? aiyoo.. gmbr edit kot. hee

Lync said...

besarnya ur bed! like2

izyan.ariff said...

sile dtg dublin tido umah sy ye cik adik~

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