i was in the midst of studying, when suddenly i remembered my dream last night. He came. wallahua'lam. i'm not sure if it's him or just the other creation. but we were at home. he was in the living room. and i was looking for euro coins to give him. he liked those kinds of things. so i found 2 coins and gave them to him. he seemed very happy. i cant remember clearly how he looks, it was just him sitting down on a chair. 

it has been so long since i last dreamt of him. i viewed my blog. read the entry i made the day after he left us. sadly i didn't even remember the part about the wallet. cried all out this morning. astaghfirullah. i just miss him. that's all. and it's better to let things out. and reflect back where exactly am i heading to as well.

praying for friends and anybody out there, 
who are way stronger than me, to stay strong. 
ujian didatangkan untuk menguatkan iman.
Allah loves all of you. 

praying for those who had gone back to Him, 
semoga diletakkan dalam kalangan 
orang-orang yang Allah sayangi. insyaAllah.

praying for myself, 
to be on the right path. 
not once in a while, 
but every second of the day. insyaAllah. 

Al-Fatihah. :')  


kakak said...

yan mimpi pakngoh ke syg? :')
insyaallah he's in a better place.far better than us yg tak tau lagi where we'll be..

love u .take care.

izyan.ariff said...


didnt remember pun up until around noon tibe2 tringt.

love u too kakak.

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