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terfikir tadi. how do we know if we're doing the wrong things?

im not saying about dosa pahala here. just benda betul. benda salah. sometimes the wrong things you do just don't affect others, and you couldn't care less if it affects you or not, thus comes the typical conclusion we make when we want to disregard our own conscience: "tak berdosa pun."

some said, if you cant say bismillah with what you're doing, then it's not right.  

but, some people may take the simple way out, saying "even doing the right things pun tak sebut bismillah, how can you say bismillah when you're doing the not-quite-right things?" entahla. 

i questioned myself. how DO i actually know? sometimes, i just call abah mama. would i tell them if im doing the wrong things? mesti tak. malu kan? 

*sigh* ni belum lagi dengan Allah. The One who sees everything we do, and knows everything we think of.

friends, it's time to take His Words seriously. if life is just about planning for your summer holidays, buying new clothes, studying and scoring for exams, tweeting and skyping, shopping at Tesco etc. Do we think praying 5 times per day, the occasional Quran recital, the few religious articles or videos we watch will help us in this race against time?

"bergantung kepada niat masing-masing." niat apa?

"saya tak cukup ilmu." then go find it.

"saya tak cukup masa." then stop watching the dramas.

"saya tak cukup baik." then does sitting in your room helps?

"hidup saya, suka hati saya." im just reminding myself, and anyone who wants to be reminded.

nak tunggu ujian besar from Allah ke baru nak ingat Dia? nauzubillah.

and yet, while i'm writing all this down, i may still end up being the one who forgets so easily. and i can only hope and pray over and over again..

ya Allah, please don't leave me. 
im scared of not being with You. :'(


a.i.s.y.a.h. i.s.m.a.i.l said...

saya nak ckp skali lagi.

sangat suka!

indeed very true n a very great reminder to me huhu~ T_T

jazakillah ukhti.

take care. n keep on writing!


aNtu_BaEk said...

a very2 great reminder... tq, hanya ALLAH membalas

aNtu_BaEk said...


izyan.ariff said...

aisyah: jzkk for dropping by dear. huhu. insyaAllah :)

antu baek a.k.a hanif: jzkk :)

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