obviously i miss them

*pictures at airport. before balik dublin for my 2nd year
mase ni demam panas moksya T,T.wuwu..*

sat by the window again today. and watch the snow falling. wishing that everybody is here with me. and we'll be enjoying the view together. and remind ourselves of how beautiful Allah's creations are. :)

just got off the phone with abah mama. Thursday night, so sekarang kat rumah che. weekly tahlil at Pasir Mas. Aunty buat nasi kerabu. nyom2. 

aiyooh..i miss them
i miss my huggable and lovable Abah.
i miss my perfect motherly Mama.
i miss my Kakak who always pushed me.
i miss my protective Abe.
and i miss my innocent baby Lin.

family is one of the best nikmat Allah gave me. alhamdulillah is all i can say if i remind myself about this. i know that not everybody feels like they have a perfect family back home. but it's not a reason for you to not be thankful. for He has given a whole lot more that we always take for granted. 

but for those who does think so, do your best to devote yourself to Him. prove to Him that you really are thankful for this gift. kalau happy for having a perfect family, and still ends up clubbing what not. it's as if you're challenging Him. nak Allah ambik balik terus ke nikmat tu? huhu..nauzubillah.

praying that Allah is willing to let me borrow this nikmat a whole lot longer.
and praying that Allah will let me meet them all again in Jannah.


Lync said...

wah. adik yan dh besar. dh nmpk mcm korang

kakak said...

rindu yan... :'(

lama dah tak skype dgn yan.spare some time for me ok?

love u so much.

izyan.ariff said...

lync: yuppps

kakak: i miss you too. so sorry. exam is making things chaotic.huhu. i love you. will col u la instead of skype.muah! :)

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