snow white

not me, definitely. hehe :)

this year it was snowing like crazy.
rasa sangat happy.
despite trying hard to not be 'losers' kononnya,
but still end up playing like crazy.hehe

the first few days of snow, it felt like i was in a movie.
you know, the hot cup of coffee (yes.im a junkie) in your hand, 
staring out the window,
watching the snow falls. *subhanallah cantik*

i enjoyed the days to the fullest.
took pictures around UCD.
had snowball fights with the irish.
buat snowman with pika despite having exams the next day.

a good snowy-period.
not that it has ended.
the ground is still white.
current temperature: -3. haih.
but cant enjoy as much, finals is in 3 days.
*pray for me.huhu*

to kakak specifically,
and anyone who willingly dropped by here..huhu
here are some pictures of snow 2010.

not to forget,
Allah turunkan snow yang putih, bersih, cantik.
let us pray that our hearts pun putih, bersih, cantik. kan kan?
it's not easy.
but the effort counts.
cuz He is always Watching.


kakak said...

btw, snowman's a bit on the chubby side,innit?hehe

good luck exam nnt yan.
i'm praying for u.iA

izyan.ariff said...

hehe. it's tiring. that's what 2 girls manage to do. wuwu~

love you much kakak :)

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