despite the never ending studying, the never-enough-sleep, the over-consumption of caffein, the agony of realizing the 3 chapters you read had only 1 question in the paper; there are still a lot of things that i love about exams. :)

here's my semester 1 exam for the second year. will miss it much! :)

we got to pray in the middle of the whole crowd.
*they must've think we were really scared of exams sampai 'sembah' exam hall* lol

the exam clock

 the crowds before the exam starts

studying studying

 err..last minute studying?

think it was my first paper 

and exams are where friends get together
supporting one another
and building a stronger ukhwah fillah

and a whole lot more gained.
praying the past exams for us had been nothing more than help us strengthen our

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