snow: a reminder?

the heavy snow all across europe. it's been a major topic lately, *er, since i've just finished exam, and i'm not much of a person who updates herself with the local or international news, thus my alibi in the statement would be through the never ending stream of facebook status about snow*

some is enjoying it.
some is appreciating the beauty.
some is worried hell. 
some is worried of others.
some, sadly, even curse and hates it.

all for different reasons.

i won't talk much about those who curses and hates it, for i think they already know cursing it doesn't make the situation any better, nor put them in any better place in His Eyes. nor those who hates it and despises it publicly. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. we used to be so amazed and happy when we first encounter it last year ain't it? but it seems like we have forgotten now from Whom all the flakes came from. Allah SWT. be it beautifully, be it heavily. it all comes from Him. and so, who are we to hate His Creation in the first place? 

how bad it may seem, it's not the situation that we should be reflecting on, but ourselves. 

and as we are worrying about our flights or our friends' flights, our journeys, our money, our plans; well, DO think about how to face all that, but do think MORE about what He's planning for us.

is He trying to make us more sabar? is He just putting us in dire need and a helpless situation, so that we'll be praying to Him constantly, to make everything okay for us; instead of happily boarding the plane, focusing on just having the time of our lives with our vacations, and forgetting Him? 

tickets not refunded? are we really losing money, or is it just Him saving us from a whole worse situation? we might have lost triple the amount if we went to... let say, France, due to pick-pockets. why? just because He Heard our prayers the other day, "ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku."

buying new tickets? why blame the snow? it might be that the money lost is to compensate all the amanah that we have neglected in our studies. all the time we spent doing the not-so-right stuff, but using our scholarships instead. 

there are so many reasons. some we can think of, but most are those that we can't even comprehend and we don't realize. we kept on focusing on the downturn of lives, that we kept forgetting how detailed Allah plans are, to Help us. 

watching all those worried status about their own up-coming journeys, or friends' journeys and so on, makes me realize how big of a rahmat these all are. that Allah is giving a huge chance for everybody, to start off their journey with pergantungan kepada Allah. to start off their journey with tawakkal. to start off their journey with so many prayers. think back. how many times did u say, "ya Allah"? did you perform solat sunat hajat before the journey? have your friends soothes you by praying for you all the while? 

so much rahmat. so much blessings. it's just us being too blind to see clearly. we have always been one to watch the surfaces, it's time to dig deeper before we type words like "si*l, b****h" and any of those curses to Allah's creations. 

because each and every one of our words is taken into account. and who ARE we to say all those stuff? we're all just part of the creations. only better, depending on our actions though.


to friends, have a great holiday. may this winter holiday be one that helps us with our 
IMAN & TAQWA towards Him.

happy snowy holiday everyone!
the one who loves snow unconditionally.


azie said...

i really love this yan!!
and you look so chantek in that pic above :)

izyan.ariff said...

jzkk syg mlawat sini. haha. surrounding tu chantek act. miss u dear:) pray for us eit?

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