Allah is Cantik.

that's why, everything natural is cantik. that's why, it's okay for us to try and be cantik (following the right rules and regulations, of course) that's why, we are always attracted to anything cantik.

when it's naturally cantik, even the most typical-and-not-DSLR-type camera can capture it.

when our HATI is truly cantik deep inside, it shows inside-out, that even everybody around will be able to see it.

ya Allah, i wish i have that kind of heart.
a cantik one. 

one that can make my family feels it.
one that can make everybody around me feels it.
one that can chase anything mazmumah away.
one that can make everyone around me calm.
most importantly, one that You like most.

ya Allah, kurniakanlah aku hati yang cantik.
secantik alam ciptaan-Mu.
ameen. ameen. ya Rabb.  (",)

inallah jamil, wa yuhibbu jamal
"Sesungguhnya Allah itu cantik,
dan sukakan kecantikan."

 pictures captured in Glandelough, Dublin.
during PUISI 2010
using a small 10megapixel camera.hehe


zahidah said...

MashaAllah! Cantiknyaa. So breathtaking. :)

fathiyyah said...

oh. yan pegi puisi? ingat yan ke sheffield :)

kakak said...


izyan.ariff said...

@zahidah: kan dear? regardless of me editing it. just to make it as close as possible to how i see it. mmg perfect scenes. especially one morning tu. the morning sky had 3 colours gitu.

@fathy: aah dear. supposedly gi pms. heee

@kakak: everytime i took the pictures i kept wishing abah mama n everybody is there. wuwu

anish said...


asmarina said...

lalink.. mu edit paka gapo ni ?? cun lah~

izyan.ariff said...

photoscape syg :) liked the film affects in it so much!

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