Cracks in Life II

too many activities in a day, lead me to miss out on routines that i used to do. untuk basahkan hati, there are so many ways that Allah has provided. as for me, watching videos of people's 'Hijrah' is always one of those things that can always touch that deepest most vulnerable part of the heart. just listening and watching their stories; from non believers to believers, from non practicing to practicing, all evoke different kinds of emotions within me. i prayed that those emotions or tears are not for nothing, but only make me closer to Him. insyaAllah. here's one video for the night. as much as it has touched mine, i hope it will touch your hearts too.

they were groups of singers i've grown up listening to.
the song Belaian Jiwa is a song i've sung to up till this day.
and to be able to hear it with different yet more purposeful lyrics,
shows that Allah Maha Kuasa, Allah Maha Penyayang. 
One who opens doors to anyone who seeks for them.

like one of them said in the video, we all hope for istiqamah in this path.

no matter how different the path is,
some harder than the other,
some further than the other;
insyaAllah we all pray that they will all lead up to the same destination: Jannah.

they had their cracks in life,
which had let the largest amount of light in: Hidayah.
so don't let your cracks in life remain just cracks;
but remember to let some of the lights in through them. :)

i pray Allah keep them all safe.
i pray Allah keep me safe.
i pray Allah keep us all safe. 


Atiqah Zainal said...

menjengah dari jauh..
rindu pada yg tiada disisi :)

izyan.ariff said...

@my abu bakr :')

i miss you too. prayers are the only thing i can send u. rindu.

Sher said...

Thank you for sharing this dear.. :) I grew up with Belaian Jiwa too.. Actually I only noticed them on TV last year and was surprised with the change. But a happy change Alhamdulillah.

izyan.ariff said...

@ miss shereen :)

no worries teacher, just hope it benefits. hehe :)
kan~~ i was very happy upon hearing their new version of it too. (tht Belaian Jiwa) cant help but pray Allah keeps on opening ours and everyone's hearts insyaAllah ;) ~

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