it's my second post with this title.
like i said in the first one.
it's never enough

many months ago, ive been crying with her. i kept on praying, cuz i know deep in my heart that Allah is protecting her. eventhough it seems that she's hurting most of the time. but of course, human beings are weak. when we're sad, we cry. i remembered one particular thing that i always asked of Him,

"Ya Allah, hilangkanlah kesedihannya sebelum aku meninggalkannya.."

i have learnt this lesson once. a big lesson. that's why i know that at the end of the day everything'll be okay. and yes, Allah showed me that He always has His way. that whatever sadness that we are feeling, it's only because He wants us to remember Him. To ask Him for His help and nobody else.

NOW, not only did He take away
all the sadness; He brought her happiness beyond her own imagination. beyond MY imagination. i know that a year ago we wouldnt dream of things happening like how they are right now. and yet they happened. All because of Him. and i am forever grateful.

it's never enough.


Anonymous said...

yan, ur kakak is just blessedly (is thr such word) lucky enuff for having a sister like u.n she is lucky indeed.


plain_jane said...

so sweet la u two sisters nih.. :)

p/s: mind if i link u?

kakak said...


izyan.ariff said...

thanx kak beep. im lucky to have her too.

sure2 kak jenny. my blog is lucky enuf to be linked to yours. hehe~

to kakak. well, u noe i love you. =

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