mat rempit & drag queens~

puas hatiku..
(sila rujuk NEW SUNDAY TIMES, 19 JULY 2009, FRONT PAGE)

when "shock, disbelief, and outrage" were felt due to the banning of rempits and cross-dressers in films and local TVs, i felt "shock, amazement, and content". to date, i think this is one of the best decision ever made by malaysian gov.

i have never been a fan of malaysian films. (not due to the messages they're conveying, but to the way they potray the msgs) nk stop org from 'rempit'in
g, yet movies with different kinds of rempit styles are shown. xnak bagi 'gejala sosial dr berleluasa', yet the films show every type of gejala sosial you can think of. from clubbing to drinking. as if you want to stop those in the outside world, but actually you know that these kinds of movies attracts these rempits. mane taknye, you're showing them THEIR life.

(i never mind the very
hampeh acting, coz i know that it's definitely not easy to show real emotions in front of the camera)

here's an idea. if you really3 wanna scare off those rempits from rempiting, then why not show videos of those decapitated heads we see under the lorry everytime. or the limbs dragged on the road. or perhaps show the pain they inflict upon their loved ones with what they're doing. or maybe show what they will become in a few years ahead. senang cite, tunjuk je sket2 imagination kite on seksa kubur ke pe.. just give them the general idea. you dont have to show the life of a rempit (races, girls, zina etc) they've
BEEN there, and they've DONE that.

ps: i do feel sorry for those yg tgh "in production" of the latest rempits and stuff. but if you really wanna talk about being creative, there's a lot more movies which can be made that dont have to involve girls and guys in very 'close proximity'. seriously, its sickening. especially when those actors are muslims.
niat tak menghalalkan cara.

*ive been looking for a rempit picture. found this one instead.
more or less they're just the same. so no harm done.


sist said...

"niat tidak menghalalkan cara."

u go girl. :)

Wan Pai said...

nice one,never think 'bout it..

izyan.ariff said...

=) just a thought.

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