of Pen + Pages

to convey a good message doesn't necessarily have to be a long one.
doesn't necessarily have to be a well-written one either.
sometimes a sentence will do.
or even just a picture.

to not share anything, kononnya sebab busy exam,
is a very selfish thing to do, or more of a waste.
when anyone out there may bump into your blog,
and read an ayatul quran or two;
and benefit from it.

(ok. macam panjang jugak. =,='')

so here is my favourite excerpt of a hadith for the moment.

(ayat status facebook.heheh) 
feel like craving it in here for my future self.
and anyone who reads this.

"the Pens have been lifted,
and the Pages have dried."
full hadith here.

and it takes courage and understanding,
to believe in this;
that life, is no coincidence.

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
"Cukuplah Allah menjadi Penolong kami 
dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik Pelindung."

found on link

salam to all.
ps: 1 paper down. 5 more to go. pray for me + friends!!



Anonymous said...

inshaAllah, may Allah be with all His true believers..

izyan.ariff said...

ameen :)

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