I was at my parents' office the other day. Pretty much bored so i borrowed a magazine from Kak Wani (abahmama's secretary). Magazine: InTrend. But then, as i was flipping through the pages mindlessly, i was feeling sick with every turn. *haih...* My conclusion from what i read and what i saw:

**picture is removed as it showed a muslim malaysian actress wearing
a dress similar to another Hollywood girl.
the purpose for this entry below. 
who knows, the girl actress might wear something better than us one day.
so i see no point to put her picture here.**
(am learning from mistakes)

See these pictures? more or less these are the pictures i found in the mag. Let's check out their similarities and differences aite?

they look alike 
(the usual responses would be:..fuhh..muke same ngan hollywood actresses)
lovely dresses...i guess
pretty much everything the eyes can see

A Muslim and a non-Muslim
One who KNOWS the existance of Heaven and Hell 
and one that...might not believe as much
one that might confuse people with who Muslims really are..
and one that doesn't confuse others about their religion as much..
well, you guys get my point right?

I guess Malaysia is too full of...hm...*now now yan.. what's the appropriate word?* err..damages shall i say? Too many damages which cant possibly be undone in  a few days. But we Muslims believe that it will all turn out just fine; before the final turning point. InsyaAllah. Tanggungjawab kene diteruskan. Right? In order for Malaysia to live up to its name as an Islamic country. And in order for us to live up to the name as a Muslim.
'Dan ingatlah) ketika Tuhan-mu Berfirman kepada para malaikat, "Aku hendak menjadikan khalifah di Bumi..." '
(Al-Baqarah: 30) 

But one thing for sure is, it doesn't start with naming a cat.

Yours truly;
insan demotivated bile bace magazine and paper Malaysia..


peNer0ka keTenaNgan said...

salam 'alaik...
i like this entry..most of muslims nowadays are muslim but not mukmin..mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah,solat,puasa,zakat,haji,maybe they do it all..but do they really have FAITH about Heaven and Hell??well,i don't really know...
what we need now is dakwah & tarbiyah (DnT)..DnT is not everything,but we can get everything from it...tarbiyah fi aidikum,fi aidikum fakhod;tarbiyah di tangan kamu,dan hanya di tangan kamu...

just an opinion...

fathiyyah said...

to be frank, me takut nk balik mesia. huhu

syafiq ishak said...

means that.....hurmm,,

cik yan!..demo kelik m'sia??..

izyan.ariff said...

to peneroka ketenangan:
jzkk for ur piece of mind~~ ^,^

no worries dear. tade takut pn~ it keeps you wondering though..

to syafiq:
yup.safely home.heheh~

Anonymous said...

it means everything

to name a cat! - thats what we're thinking~

to win elections! - thats what we're hoping

to get our best team wins the world cup! - thats where our prayers go

to get ourselves / frens into AF! - thats our goal

go on and on and on and on and on

izyan.ariff said...


haha. very sleek. jzkk ^,^

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