i will always try my best to be just like you
but all along knowing that i will fail. wuwu.. T,T
cuz you're my superMOM.

you're not a superMoM
just because you cook exotic meals;
or just because you clean the house till all the floors squeak;
or just because you do all the motherly chores that other mothers do too;
*but of course all the kids in the world thinks 
their mothers does it better than others;
which i definitely DO TOO!!*

Mama is my superMoM;
you're always there uplifting my spirit when im down;
you're always the one laughing at your childrens' 
lame jokes and badut acts;
you're always the cute one cheering when we sing with abah;
you'll forever be Abah's lifeline;
you'll forever be my lifeline;
well, you're everybody's lifeline.

i love you for all the reasons above and so much more;
but most importantly,
i love you mama
cuz i know without your prayers, (as well as Abah's)
us siblings; will never be where we are today
and thank you for constantly reminding us of Him

*kisses and hugs*
thank you Allah
for giving me a chance to be Mama's daughter.
happy birthday mama
i love you

*berlari-lari anak nak gi urut kaki mama*

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