bila ramadhan tak terasa

kejam bunyi. but it's the truth. maybe kalut tgh adapt to new lifestyle. tp that's how i feel sometimes.

1. tak makan: doesnt affect me much. maybe sejuk and classes, so tak fokus on perut tak berisi. anyway, back home, we can see Chinese or Indians sometimes having meals. other than that, all Malays are basically fasting. but here, the majority of them are eating. it's a month like any other months for them. so i dont quite feel the Holy month here.

2. tarawikh: back home, it's either ikut abah mama pegi masjid, or sembahyang jemaah at home. but it's quite a compulsary thing to do. sembahyang tarawikh and baca quran. and bila dah masuk 10 malam terakhir, the feeling of excitement bertambah. i remembered once keluar rumah kejap, tgk langit. excited tgh teka whether it might be the lailatul Qadr that night. (org cakap cuaca aritu tenang and sejuk). tp sini, it's freezing cold. everynight is still. all you do is sembahyang tarawikh sendiri dalam bilik. sambil tunggu isyak at 9.30, baca quran sorang2. it's like a normal night, except solat 11 rakaat extra. then tido.

but i think this is why we have to put more effort. baca quran ajak kawan2, so that rumah bergema dgn bacaan Quran je malam2. since bukak puasa kat rumah macam biase je, then pegi masjid2. (will be heading to Clonskeagh Mosque tonight. InsyaAllah), or might as well masak ramai2 so that boleh bukak puasa ramai2 and solat jemaah. those are the simple things that we can do here. InsyaAllah, nikmat Ramadhan akan datang balik.

So those yang masih belum fly, nikmatilah Ramadhan versi Malaysia tu sebaik2nya. =)


Wan Pai said...

kdg2 kesibukan kerja seharian juga mnyebabkan kita lupa..tp msh lg sempat mngejar 10 mlm terakhir neh..

sist said...

hm.it doesn't really matter where u are dear.because if the 'iman' is solid within you, then ibadah di mana2 pun will always be the same...

living in a country where the majority are muslims pun, if tarawih tinggal2, puasa pun tak(u've seen examples kan aritu), dating/maksiat berleluasa, aurat pun masih tak terjaga...then, what's the point? but that is just my two cents worth. :)

have a nice ramadhan sist.
*abe still kerek la...menyampah!

izyan.ariff said...

hm..yup2. but now i realize how important it is if you have the right surroundings. alhamdulillah. sini 10mlm akhir ni there've been a lot of iftar done among us seniors and juniors. so Ramadhan is definitely not wasted.

thanx pai.
n thanx kakak~ i love youuu~
muah! abe kerek sket jah tu.. yan call dio. bg suprise the other day.hehe.muah!

Wan Pai said...

u've been tagged..

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