my first "bad day"

truth be told, takdela bad sgt. but it was quite tiring for me.

today is a very sunny day compared to hari2 lain. but still, very cold. lectures ok. some of them are fun as well. but the 'bad day' started during my evening CAL class.

1.basically we're in the computer labs. so we were supposed to be looking at slides on connective tissues. study them, identify, draw, label etc. but it seems like ade problem with the server. too many people i guess. so the class ended up early. an hour early. since byk masa, i decided to print out notes for the upcoming lectures. before that, turun la bawah gi IT service to topup my student card. nk print byk2. de la around 6e. enough for the notes that i want. but as i print it out, it seems i have missed the page setup or something (mane la nk cek bende tu..huhuu) so the papers coming out were huge!! huhu.. i tried stopping it but it continued to print a few more HUGE pages, until my money ran out. so basically i lost 6e just like that. haih~

*humungous paper. waste of money*

2. i was walking back to belgrove (sulking. merajuk dgn printer..isk2). and usually i have to walk down straight ahead from the HEA building and turn right. tapi takdir menentukan hari ni sy perasan another path which also takes a right turn. entah kenapa hati ni gedik nak try path baru (cuz im still exploring the campus), so i ended up pusing lagi jauh. mind you, it was freezing cold.

3. then balik, angin sangat kuat, tudung pun entah bentuk ape jadi.isk2.

it seems like a pretty bad day for me (told malin the whole story which she laughed for a good 10-minutes). but it's actually a pretty normal day, with some small2 ujian by Allah. i think that everyday, there will always be something happening to us. significant or not. and it may be good or bad. but it depends on us whether we should be happy about it or sulk on it. i made a mistake by sulking about it in the first place. but actually it's just some lessons for me to learn. first, i should be more careful in what i do. check everything first. secondly, jgn ikut path td. i can help by telling others who have the same level of curiosity like mine.

when everything that happened is Allah's will, you just have to believe that they all happened for a reason.



miss sleeping nxt door =P said...

"it seems like a pretty bad day for me (told malin the whole story which she laughed for a good 10-minutes)"

--> siyesly klaka gler dow! hahahahhaha. even when i read it (instead of hearing it strait from u, wif da facial xpression and all) i still laugh quietly by myself!

hahahahahhaha<-- smbg gelak blk!

izyan.ariff said...

kurrranggg...sambung balik rupenyee~ isk2..

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