we are not alone

it's 8th of September. like i promised, im currently typing this post, in my new room, in the new house (student residence), in Belgrove, UCD, Ireland. (to start it off, alhamdulillah. Allah gave me what i wanted for almost 5 years)

it has only been 6 days. yup, ive been in ireland only for 6 days. but it seems like a lot has happened. ive learnt more than i could've imagined about life. i couldnt possibly tell all the stories of what had happened here. the weather? well, it's cold, very windy and it's drizzling most of the time.

living in a new place, we just have to adapt to their culture. understand what they are like. just today, me and the girls (malin,pika,ecah,epah n seha) went to Dublin Mosque for 'buka puasa'. they served free meals for 'berbuka' everyday.hehehehe~ some of the girls went with the seniors last weekend. we couldnt join them back then. so we decided to go on our own today. the mosque was originally a church. but it has been refurnished into a very comfortable mosque. we met some Arabs. one woman came to us, happily greeting us, and telling us how weird it is for her to see this many Muslims. (mind you, there were only 6 of us). she told us that she lived 3 hours away from Dublin, and there weren't many Muslims at her place. Alhamdulillah for us. we lived in a huge Muslim community back in Malaysia. Living here, you would be very thankful to see some.

We came back by Bus 19 and 10, it was about 10pm. we left the residence at 7pm. The 'matsalehs' seems to be having a party tonight. on our way, we could smell the 'masam' bau of alcohol. yup, it was pretty disturbing for me. and the cold windy air didnt help either. it was the first time for me. i didnt even know that was the smell of alcohol. haih..~ and as we came back, the party is definitely not over yet. we saw drunk people walking here and there. loud music, and police cars too (the garda). it was my first time again. pretty scary. on the pavements, there are lots and lots of cans and bottles of beer. totally busuk. and i saw disoriented girls and boys walking to their cars. it wasnt fun to watch.

it is only the first week of my new life. im learning to adapt. everybody is. i thought to myself, "this is life. there are good things and bad things. there are pros and cons. black and white. yin and yang?? haha.." but you just have to learn to adapt. not all things are happy and flowery, but they all can be bearable if you make them bearable.

Allah has chosen me to be where i am now. to do what i am doing now. the same goes to you. (yeah, you, the one who's reading this very sentence). So wherever we are, and whatever that we do, it's always Allah's will. So we have to remember that Allah is always with us, then everything will be juuuuust fine. InsyaAllah~


Wan Pai said...

yup..totally just fine[coz we all know yan is independent]..
adapt with new environment but dont ever forget where u come from..

izyan.ariff said...

yan independent??haha~
dop sgt la pai..but im learning to cope.

thanx so much. insyaAllah~ xlupee =)

atikus_hakita said...

wah yan..
dugaan bln ramadan..
sbr yea..

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