of Contradictions

..cause they might just lead you astray..-yan 

1. The deaths of the 2 malaysian students. who were just back from Malaysia. 

2. Gangnam style. virally taking over the world. i’ve seen it once. 
enough said.

3. Another massacre in Syria. in August alone, it is said that the death toll reached 5440 deaths. 
5440 mujahidin insyaAllah.

 4. Friends;  caught up in ayat-ayat cinta and ayat-ayat kahwin. 
edging closer to their Hari Bahagia perhaps.

and the list goes on.

we would see and read up on contradictory things everyday.
one end from the other.

and you'd come to conclusions;
some of them seems way off the ‘right’ road. tak ada faedah whatsoever.
some may seem very ‘islamic’, i should say.
certain things looked rather angau and flowery,
and certain things are harsh realities that work as our Wake-up calls.

but in the end, one thing remains.
it doesn’t really matter how contrary the things are;
sometimes it guides you to the right path,
sometimes it’s lintang-pukang that you just can’t decide which to take.

what matters are;
how our hearts work.
how our eyes see things.
how our mind choose to think.

with the right Heart, the right Eyes, and the right Mind,
insyaAllah whatever is thrown in front of us,
we are able to take it, mould it, digest it,
and work them out till all they do is bring us back to remembrance of Allah.

so Mr Dunya; bring it on!
cause we have Allah in our Hearts.


ps: problem solved, Alhamdulillah. 
jazakumullah for the prayers J
silent ones or the ones filling the inbox. hee ~

pps: as for the viral video that's infiltrating the Malaysian minds; 
i'd like to take this chance to remind ourselves with the very basics;

Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud: 

“Daripada keelokan Islam seseorang ialah 
meninggalkan barang yang tidak berguna padanya.” 



Pisey said...

Salah sorang yang meninggal tu adik kawan kakwu.

izyan.ariff said...


Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raajiuun.
abe texted too. one of em was neighbour's niece. i did something weird today. looked at one of em's facebook.

Allahu Allah. made me think, if it was me; what would i leave behind? what would my last words be? cause so many stuff carved dalam alam maya. huhu

teringat blog lagi.huhuuu

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