Lucky Hawa


i had an epiphany the other day. that ladies really are special creatures (talk about self-obsessed, huh?) but seriously. i realized that despite the natural hampehness that we are born with, we have a whole bag of special things that guys can never really imagine. (and experience a matter-of-factly) 

nah. i won’t go down the lines of being preggy, motherhood and what not. we all pretty much agreed that those are the reasons Allah put mothers up so high. :)

it’s a different kind of special that i’ve been thinking of; that now i believe to be a very special gift that Allah has given the Hawa beings . i’ll talk about this a little bit openly, so bear with me. 


so girls would always be given a ‘time-off’ every month. where we can’t pray, we can’t recite the al-Quran (but there are different opinions about this), we can’t fast and we can’t do a lot of things basically. 

so this is what makes it very special. because i think only we know, how it feels like, to be longing for all those ibadat that we do everyday. rindu nak solat. rindu nak pegang dan baca Quran. rindu nak puasa. rindu nak pakai telekung. rindu nak Qiam. 

the same things happen when it’s Ramadhan. i think only girls know the ‘bummer’ feelings we feel. when we have to work extra hard if we’re planning on reciting the whole Al-Quran in the blessed month. we can’t really work with the '1 juzuk per day equation' (unless we’re really lucky), and so we have to make our own calculations every year. subtracting the many days left out, and pulun kejar baca 2-3 juzuk sehari. heh. and not to mention of having to be left alone in the house at night, when everybody else heads to the mosque for taraweeh. memang tak best. T,T

and when it’s not during Ramadhan, we are facing a different kind of test. there would always be a time when we are so down and under, and the only thing we wish to do is to be on the praying mat, to be inside the comforting white telekung, to recite the al-Quran, to make do’a on the sejadah; and yet, we’re not able to. 

imagine those feelings. it’s like back when we were kids. everybody is being given ice cream, and yet none were given to us because we have a toothache. ah~ the heartache. 

it’s a crushing heartache. but when i think deeply about it, somehow i felt blessed. the fact that these circumstances lead to those feelings; us yearning to be close to Him, merindu all those routine things we do everyday, at times mistakenly ambil wudhu’, and sometimes we even put the telekung on! yes, that's how much we miss them routines.

anyways, these feelings are a huge gift really; a nikmat. because when you are not able to do so, you’d become so desperate waiting for the time you’re able to. and when you are able to do so, you are so much thankful for all the chances given. 

and this, undeniably, is something that only us girls can feel. 
i don’t know about you, but to me, i feel lucky.
and it’s also another obvious proof, 
that for every single thing, 
there is always a purpose and goodness in it. 
truly, Allah is the All-Knower. 

that’s it for my random 2 cents this week. 
May Allah Bless us all, lucky Hawas. 
and Adams. heh :)


ps: receiving some happy news yesterday. Alhamdulillah a’la kulli hal. count our blessings! (though we might never be able to cause there’s too much!). 



Anonymous said...

kaum hawa memiliki saat menunggu yang paling berharga..its priceless..kamu semua sgt beruntung..
tidak ada kejadian oleh Allah Swt. itu merugikan kehidupan.

izyan.ariff said...

@anon: Alhamdulillah. kita semua beruntung. Hawa or not; as we are all His Creations. :)

Sher said...

I know exactly what you mean.. :)

izyan.ariff said...

@miss shereen :)

kan teacher kan kan?~~ ^^,
*gah..i miss mo7p and movie time with you in that little room. :')

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