one moment,
is usually the amount of time it takes,
for you to take that leap of faith,
and do things that you never imagined you would.

that leap of faith;
faith that everything will go according to plan.
faith that everything will work out.
faith that you’d come out smiling;
no matter what happens.

but the thing is,
things almost always won't work the way you wanted it.
it even takes its own course, leaving you behind, far far away;
all alone, not understanding what has happened,
not even knowing where everything is taking you.

and at times you wonder,
was that leap of faith worth it?
because to feel unworthy, is something that you never see coming.
but it did. and that is what hurts most.

but only for moments.

because in the end,
it all started with a leap of faith.
and not just any other leap of faith,
it’s faith in Allah.

so it doesn’t matter how worthless you feel at the moment,
what matters is that you start it all with your faith in Him,
so you will end it with your faith in Him too;
whatever the end might be.
Aamiin wa InsyaAllah.

so all iz well.
all iz well.

 yours truly,
tired. *sigh*
Innallaha ma’ana. :’)

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