Ramadhan Satu.Dua :')

this post is dedicated most definitely to my future self. who i believe will definitely take some time off, reading back her old posts. reminiscing old times, wondering how much she has changed over time. but for this one, it's just as a reminder; of how great this year's Ramadhan has been.

so for tonight, there's one particular memory that i'd like to keep safe and sound in here;



this year's Ramadhan, i have been able to spend most of my time with abah, mama and Lin. when the 1st of Ramadhan came, we decided to step out of our yearly routine. instead of going to the mosque in front of our house, we head off to Masjid Telipot. 

on the first night, we were told that for this year's Ramadhan, there would be two imams leading the prayers. one is Syeikh Abdul Rahman (whom i called Imam Arab), and Ustaz Firdaus (whom i called Imam Melayu). for the first night, Imam Melayu was not able to come, so the whole 20 rakaat was lead by Imam Arab. and boy, i was mesmerized from the get-go. *googly eyes*

and alhamdulillah, seems like abah and mama fell in love with the taraweeh too, and we decided to stick to Masjid Telipot. and thus, our routine started. :)

it was the same activity every night. having showered before breaking fast, we would eat as moderately as possible, not wanting to be bloated for the prayers, and us girls would work as fast and swiftly as we could to clean up the kitchen and store the left-overs in  the fridge; all cleaning has to be finished before 8pm. sooner would be better :P

and we would continue with our Maghrib prayers, and by 8.15 p.m ideally, we all have to be out of the front door. because if we're out by 8.20 p.m, then, almost always most of the traffic light will be red along the way, and us girls won't be able to fill the saf up front. *heh, sedikit selfish, i know*

while in the car-ride, i would always do the same thing. talk to abah and mama, listening to Muhibbain's songs, and whatsapping my 2 best buddies; of our whereabouts and what we were doing. :)

and after tarawikh, almost always it's the same thing again. reaching home at about 11 pm, while me and lin would update anything we want on facebook (typical facebookers.heh), and i would whatsapp the 2 buddies again about how our tarawikh had been, and they would update me with theirs :). and once we reached home, we'd settle ourselves for some moreh. sometimes, we would stop by a small shop along the way home, to let Abah buy himself  a Twister drink. heh.


it has all been second nature to us for this whole Ramadhan. and earlier tonight, upon realizing that this will be my last time doing this routine with abah, mama and lin; i broke down the instant i entered the car. T,T (and the Muhibbain's song playing in the background doesn't help with the emotions either.) huhu.


Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal.
truly, i love this year's Ramadhan so much, as much as i love the umrah we had back in 2009.
there were so many things i've seen. so many things i've learnt. so many things that made me think. 
and they all have changed me inside, insyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal.
there were so many things i wished i did, 
and i've been able to achieve most of them, biidznillah.
the things i used to do, and even new things that i intended to do. :)

Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal.
because whenever i think about it, there are no any other explanations aside from,
Allah Maha Pemurah. Allah Maha Mengasihani.
for He is the One who's Giving us all this opportunities and chances in this blessed month.

and thus, here i am again, very much in love and broken-hearted with this one do'a,
that has been recited by our Imam in the Qunut in these final days;

"Allahumma ballighna Ramadhan"


this doa gets to me everytime. i don't know if it's the meaning itself, or how the Imam recited it, or maybe even both; but reciting this do'a always makes me feel so desperate, that i wish, pray and hope with all my heart, that Allah let me meet another Ramadhan, insyaAllah wa Aamiin. (T,T) 


truly, it's all with His Blessings that things are happening the way they are. 
Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal.
for the feelings, the thoughts and the chances given.
honestly, this has been the hardest Ramadhan to let go of. :'(
but like everything else, there is always a Goodbye. 
 may we all come out of this blessed month, as those Muttaqin, and be Granted His Jannah.
Aamiin ya Rabb.

"Taqabballallahu minna wa minkum"

and while we are at it, be sure to pray for our brothers and sisters who are being tormented at this very moment. semoga Allah kuatkan mereka, Aamiin.


taraweeh may have ended tonight,
but i hope that our Qiam will live on even after Ramadhan, insyaAllah.
so i wish everyone the best for tonight's Qiam. make full use of the remaining hours left!

ouh, and salam Eidul Fitri in advance.
maaf segala salah silap dan terkasar bahasa selama ini.
i pray that you, me and everyone else is able to go back to our Fitrah, insyaAllah.
Ya Rabb al-A'lamin.

dear future yan,
say Alhamdulillah please? and pray much for everything. :)


syzna my said...

Indeed. This is the best Ramadhan ever, sejak saya dipinjamkan nyawa olehNya. Saya belajar macam-macam, dan iA akan lebih lagi untuk ditambah peroleh. Thanks to the technology too! Sebab kita bertiga dapat whatsapp almost 24/7 sebab duk update hampir every single tiny winy things yang berlaku. Thanks to the kalutness of being gegirls, that we created the group that so far i can't recall dah title yang asyik bertukar (hahaha!) since ada dua hati duk gundah gulana. Which makes me the person in the middle, ehem. Listening to both whole-heartedly(;

Thank you, thank you, thank you ya Rab. For making this possible for three of us. Very much grateful, alhamdulillah.

(s untuk plural kan? banyak sungguh hugs kat atas ni, muahahaha)

#cikbiehashim #cikyanariff

izyan.ariff said...

@ sang + bie (if you read this)

have read this comment so many times before. tp selalu lupa nak type a reply, cause i most often ended up smiling sorang2 rindu that Ramadhan.
it will always hold a special place. if ada izin, would really like to do the same thing again with u both! if He Wills it. if we can't, then the beautiful memories remain. in here and definitely dalam hati!Huhu~~ *ok jiwang mode ends.*

love you both so very much!
may He Light our path to Him iA.
semoga kita semua jumpa di Sorga~

Aamiin :)

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