Register, Race and be the Runners.


you know that typical idea of wanting to settle down. leading a new life? that thought has always been at the back of our minds (for girls, they cant lie. it's one of the most favourite topics).  maybe it's the age factor. but i think it's mostly fitrah. it's just that some just choose to not talk about it, some choose to talk about it with close friends, some choose to give hints to others, some choose not to care. 

but in my case, the surroundings and the constant facebook status and articles are really getting on my nerves. not to mention all the pretty young ladies in whites, and video wedding yang berleluasa. (ok yan control yourself!) huhuu~~ has it affect me in a bad way? not so much. (or maybe a teeny bit? ok, fine much) it makes me write this post for sure. and some mengadu domba kat parents. heh. 

kahwin awal? hantaran? pelamin? all sorts of articles and status have been circulating around those within our age groups. alhamdulillah. in a way, it goes to show that many have embraced the idea that marriage is really the best given outlet for those who choose to not enter any relationships. as well as for those who are already in relationships, and wanting to keep it right on Allah's track.

but rather than talking about it hypothetically, and spreading all sorts of suggestions about kahwin awal, hantaran murah, kahwin cara islam what not, i think the winners in the end are those who actually put all those words into actions. those guys who actually drop on one knee, and ask for the girl's hand make the call to the Dad. fuh~

"ni pasal kahwin kot. ingat senang-senang ke nak call ayah orang?"

true. memang tak senang.
selagi kita berfikiran payah.

i dont know if this analogy of mine is lame ke ape ke, but here goes. it's like a race. the ones we have back in Hari Sukan Sekolah. there will always be a start line, and a finish line. along the way you will be running, but towards the end you will be speeding up, till you reach the finish line. faham tak? ok let me explain. 

the trophy is of course the Miss Other Half that insyaAllah will perfect your flaws in their own ways. the finishing line is the marriage. but the race is all about preparation for that marriage, in simpler words, bertunang. wallahua'lam. but i've heard of what my brothers (abe and abe ammar) did. they never really knew if they were ready for the marriage, but once they decided to do it and took the first step; which is to ask for the girl's hand from the Dad, then everything falls into place. 

what kinds of things fall into place? hm, somehow their work becomes clearer, the saving-money part becomes clearer, the niat becomes clearer, the solat sunat becomes clearer, the doa becomes clearer. why? because they are already in that race. and the only thing in their mind is to finish that race. they won't stop at nothing. they may grew tired and ended up jogging or even walking, or they may even fall down. but still, they won't stop. and eventually the finishing line will come closer, and at that time the adrenaline rush will be there to push them further, that you will end up speeding up in the last few metres. and once you reach that line, insyaAllah nothing else matters. you will definitely get that well-deserved trophies trophy. (hehe)

the thing is, the runners have studied so much about the race, that they knew everything. from how the race is going to be up till what kinds of trophy that they want. but they haven't even done the most essential step yet, which is registering for the race. straight-forward sikit = calling up the Wali lah. because when you are registering, i'm sure you will be able to negotiate which race you want to be in, the 1000m, the 400m, the 200m and even the 100m if you're fit and totally up to it. 

what i mean here is, once you pop the question to the Dad, insyaAllah, you'll be able to handle things from there. it might take you a few months, or even a few years to reach that finishing line (paling lama is 2 tahun). because at that point, what matters most is you are ready enough that you have registered for it, and it's time to start running.


and yet, i've seen and read so many status, so many articles pasal perempuan muslimah, so many stuff that it seems like many of these 'runners' will end up getting married by the end of the month. and yet, months passed, and the facebook status changes every so often of the same topic, but the relationship status remains; Encik Runner is still single. hee.

and here is my little point of view for those respected brothers out there; who i'm sure is trying very hard to be the best imam for the family that you are planning for; 

pray to Him. ask Him to prepare you. ask Him to lift all the things that you are scared of. ask Him to lift off all the negative thoughts that are holding you back, from doing what is right.

because the truth is, there are so many girls out there who needs protection from you guys. and the world is not getting any easier for them to protect themselves. they became fitnah everywhere they go. alhamdulillah, Europe has not been much of a challenge for us to protect ourselves from the evil hearts (maybe because there are a whole bunch of hot Caucasians to obscure us from perverts? hehe. lame joke.) but in Malaysia? not so much. every girl is a fitnah to anyone who sees them. and to those respected guys out there, why not give them this bubble of protection earlier on. because to me, a guy should marry because he wants to protect someone. and yet, you are always holding yourself back because you are worried of the 'provider' part. but have you forgotten, that the providing part is always Allah's. the only thing you need to do is putting the effort. 

so at least start with one right niat, to protect them Hawa. im pretty sure Allah will help with the rest of the stuff that you worry. so Register, Race, and be the Runners. you will always end up as a Winner in the Trophy's eye. and most definitely in His Eyes. :)


yours truly,
cakap sedap.buat tak. heheh >,<
girls lain. next time kite cite. *wink*


Syazana said...

Lari, jogging, jalan and lari balik. Just the same on what we do to live well kan? Comel how you put it (;

izyan.ariff said...


hehee :) true. life as it is.
rindoo nye. mau pulang T,T and heart to heart with you. and hentam nasi kak wok pagi2.

Pisey said...

Hmm. Nak makan nasi kakwok lah wiken ni. Hahaha.

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