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today i lazily hang out at the surau before heading back home. (classes ends early today, alhamdulillah. not a hectic week as the last one).

there were not many of us there. just me and pika. and some arab girls. once in a while, when our eyes meet we'd give each other smiles. heh. (i'm bad at being international). then a girl came. i dont quite know where her native country is, but i'm pretty sure she's Arab. she had a slightly dark skin, with a smile always pasted on her face. she has not worn her hijab yet, but insyaAllah im pretty sure one day she will.

i've noticed her before. and today, i stole some glances towards her again when she was praying. because she prayed in a very peculiar way. suffice to say, that it's waaay different than how we have been taught in our Mazhab Syafi'e. 

i was wondering if she was to pray like that in malaysia, how would the makcik-makcik around think? will there be weird glances, some whispering here and there, annoyance? wallahua'lam. (ouh, tak husnuzon sungguh). sorry, im just saying. because like i told you, i've seen her before. and her way of praying has grabbed my attention. that was the reason i somewhat watch her pray again today. as embarrassing i am to admit this,but my first thought when i saw her praying the first time was, "hm. solat macam tu ok ke eh?"

but today, i have come to a conclusion. for no matter how different the way she's praying, she's still praying to that One God, that you and i are submitting to. the same sujud, the same ruku', the same tahiyyat. those small differences that we are making, are not ours to judge. for the fact of the matter is, she was still praying. and for all that we know, maybe hers was way better spiritually; maybe her prayers to Allah at that time, causes His Mercy to fall on all others around her. the possibilities are always there. 

point is, there are a whole bunch of things that we don't know of. not to say that it's okay to remain negligent of the things around us. but be sure to differentiate which of them that we should know about, and which of them that we need to leave behind; because they are just His to Know of. 

wallahua'lam. :)

ps: ok mau study hard pulak. pray for me? jazakumullah~ ^,~

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