Cinta: Ingat-ingat Lupa

today i prayed for that Cinta. cinta kepada Rasulullah S.A.W. banyak yang saya lupa. too busy searching for His Blessings and His Attention, that i have forgotten that without Rasulullah, we won't get to know our Creator. without this one special human being, we won't get to know of His Rahmat. he who remembers his ummat. every single one of us. 

and yet, if i was asked about him,
barulah kalut nak bukak buku refer balik.
benda-benda yang saya ingat-ingat lupa.

about his life.
his struggles.
his hardships.
his compassion.
and his love.

watching this video below, it's obvious that what you give is what you're going to get. 
and i am seriously not giving enough. so how can i expect to get what i want? 
to meet him when he calls for his followers di padang Mahsyar.
let us aim to be one of them. 

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