Sanah Helwah Mama

Allah has put Mothers so high up in the hierarchy.

Allah s.w.t
Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

and the reasons for this are those we all already know of; that they carried us for 9 months, having to bear the pain of childbirth, and so many other things that we can't really describe. but the fact remains, nobody really knows for sure what is really going on in a mother’s head and a mother’s heart.

her dedication.
her passion.
her warmth.
her love for her children.

nobody can really know, not until you become a mother yourself. even then, your experience as a mother will never be the same with your own mother. so i guess it's back to square one; we can’t really know what does a mother goes through.

but Allah Knows.
so that’s why He raised Mothers way up to the highest pedestal. and we? we can only wonder.


25th June 1958

Sanah Helwah Mama :)
evidently, without your prayers everyday and every night,
i will never be where i am now, who i am now.

ya Allah, Ease my way to please her with the Time You gave me.
ya Allah, Grant her Jannatul Firdausi.
ya Allah, i pray i'm able to meet her There too. :')


ps: random memories; one time, the whole town had a blackout. in the middle of the night. so i went to sleep in parents' room. and they opened the windows to let the cool air in. but of course Mr Mosquitoes came buzzing in too. and as i was hazily going into dreamland, i heard some small slapping sound near me. it was Mama; abandoning her sleep. sitting around her children, worried that we might be bitten by those mosquitoes. i don't know how long she stayed up like that. but i remembered at that time, all i could think of was; "i love you mama." 

pps: can't wait for the warmth of her hug. mama, abah and Lin will be coming over this Thursday before my big day. us siblings (kakak, abe ammar, abe and kak ita) are planning a surprise belated-birthday for her insyaAllah. can't wait! may He Ease. (no worries. the parents are too traditional to read their own daughter's blog.) :P


mierayana said...

ur big day?? ^^

izyan.ariff said...

haha :) not 'that' big day, definitely.sobsob.

u'll noe soon enuf.heh :P

mierayana said...

hehehe...ooo...xpe,that big day will comeee soon enuf...hehe..

sbr mnnti update of that big day..hehe

izyan.ariff said...


tau dh la kan the real big day? hehe

and aamiin for the coming big day. *which is so far nowhere in sight. sobs*

mierayana said...

haha...taw da..kiciwa gak skit,igt that big day...ahaks

lets pray harder for the real big day k!!

izyan.ariff said...

@miera cyg :)

bulan baik hari baik ni~
nak aamiinkan doa ni.hehehee :)

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